New York Indonesia Fashion Week 2022 (NYIFW)

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New York Indonesia Fashion Week 2022 (NYIFW) will be held again this year, enlivened by well-known designers from Indonesia. This event will be held on September 11 local time or September 12 Indonesian time. The details are as follows:

New York Indonesia Fashion Week 2022

  • Date and time
    Sun, September 11, 2022
    5:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
  • Locations:
    48 Wall Street
    New York, NY 10043
    United States

This is an annual event held by the Indonesian diaspora in the United States. This year will feature 10 leading designers from Indonesia with no less than 120 of their latest collections. The designer is included in the Indonesia Now Group Show group, ready to display the best collection of their designed clothing for international consumption.

The theme for this event is destinations in Indonesia. It also aims to introduce popular tourist destinations in Indonesia to the world abroad. By carrying out this theme, it is hoped that tourist destinations in Indonesia will be increasingly recognized and become the main popular destination for tourists who want to vacation.

Don’t miss the excitement that will be presented at this event, which is also covered by various well-known media in the entertainment sector. This is part of developing the creative industry of the nation’s children in order to make the Indonesian nation proud in the international arena.

This event also received full support from elements of the Indonesian nation who also felt moved and proud of the actions of Indonesian children in the international arena. No less than the sponsors and representatives from the government positively supported so that this event could take place successfully.

Representatives of the Indonesian Embassy in the United States also responded positively to the New York Indonesia Fashion Week 2022 event. By fully supporting the designers for market expansion to the United States, where the export market is still very wide open, where the export trend to the United States is also increasing every year. This is certainly very supportive for the Indonesian fashion world to be increasingly known in foreign countries.