The Excellence of Natural Onyx Stone as a Luxury Building Material

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Natural onyx stone is a special material, not only found in black rings, but actually this natural stone consists of various shades and is translucent, such as red, white, orange, brown and even green. Onyx is also suitable for use as a raw material for building decoration of houses.

With its luxurious appearance, not inferior to popular natural stone such as marble or granite, onyx will provide a stunning view when used as one of the furniture in the room, especially when combined with indirect light and penetrates the onyx which is translucent, making it even more attractive.

Onyx stone is now popularly used and applied to various building materials. Its translucent nature is perfect for use as a backlit wall with an alloy of light from the back. In addition, the use of onyx stone is also very suitable for making natural stone sinks.


Advantages of Onyx Stone

Onyx stone as a quality material for building certainly has various advantages and disadvantages, which other types of natural stone may not have. Some of these advantages include:

1. Various Patterns

Onyx stone has a variety of styles and rich choices, and its unique properties are not the same, because it is made from nature. This of course makes the design of the building special and has high artistic value. Don’t worry too about stock, because onyx stones can also be imported in large quantities, all you have to do is contact the professionals in their field to get a selection of onyx stones that are uniform and can be used in bulk.

2. Simple Room becomes Luxurious

Its nature which gives the impression of luxury is a natural touch that can be given to various types of rooms, even the simplest types of rooms. Without the need to require excessive effort, you can make a simple room luxurious and classy.

3. Suitable for various Interior Designs from Classic to Modern

Overall, onyx stone is suitable for use for various interior design purposes. For those who choose a classic style, the use of onyx stones can add an elegant and classy impression. As for the theme of the modern room concept, it will make the modern interior appear more luxurious. Moreover, the nuance can be even more dramatic if it is complemented by the lighting given to the onyx stone interior.

4. Increase the Selling Price of Buildings

The luxurious appearance of a building using onyx stone as a building material can be used as an investment, because it can add to the selling value of the building if it is to be sold in the future. A classy investment that looks very beautiful and amazes anyone.

Kinds of Onyx Stones

Onyx stones can be classified into 7 types according to their respective characteristics. These types are as follows:

1. Multicolor onyx lighting, dominated by brown and wavy patterns with various colors, for example beige, dark green or gray in general.

2. Tiger Onyx, a more luxurious type with a dominant brown color, while the pattern can be white or gold with a vertical pattern

3. Green Onyx, the dominant green color with very diverse shades, looks natural and calming.

4. Wooden Onyx, which looks like wood material with a dominant brown color, is suitable for residential interiors and gives a warm and natural impression

5. Honey Onyx, the pattern is very abstract with a dominant yellowish-orange color like the color of honey.

6. Volcano Onyx, dominantly red with a slight tinge of white and brown. The pattern is abstract with the appearance of lava flows on one side and lava cavities on the other.

7. Ultraviolet Onyx, dominantly purplish-brown in color, with large patterns and a tinge of white stripes on the edges.