Petrified Wood As One Of The Unique Material Elements Of Interior And Exterior Design

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Petrified wood or fossil wood is a wood material that has been petrified due to the process of changing organic matter into minerals, but still displays the wood structure including its fibers which are still clearly visible, even though the mass has increased in weight. This can happen because fallen logs or wood are covered by sedimentation from various layers, such as in rivers, or because material vomited by volcanic eruptions covers them and ultimately turns the stems or branches of the wood into fossilized wood or petrified wood.

Petrified Wood can be found in different shapes and colors, because the sedimentation material that covers it is also different, the mineral traces in the silica that form it are also different, resulting in diversity with each uniqueness. Petrified Wood is usually found in rock sediments or volcanic sediments in various places around the world.

In Indonesia, which is rich in volcanic areas, this petrified wood is often found on the islands of Java, Bali or in Kalimantan. While the marketing area is often found in big cities such as Jakarta and in Denpasar, Bali. This is because the result of petrified wood processing is a product of premium materials that have a high prestigious value.

The market segmentation for petrified wood is for the middle and upper class market, considering that the materials are exclusive and hard to find, and the process of making and processing them into certain shapes takes a long time, from the process of cutting logs, polishing to the final coating takes approx. 3 months long. This is what makes it feel even more exclusive for those who have goods or interior and exterior decorations made of petrified wood.


Petrified Wood as an Element of Interior and Exterior Design

The process of processing fossil wood or petrified wood can produce beautiful, unique and exclusive works. Many interior and exterior designs choose this material as the basic material for making their artwork, in order to strengthen the work of the design themes that are made. This petrified wood can be transformed into a functional design work, and is useful for everyday needs such as:

  • Coffee Table
  • Dining Table
  • Console Tables
  • Bathtub
  • Petrified Wood Sink
    as well as many other various other furniture needs.

The results of processing petrified wood consist of several types of finishing, from full polished, all surfaces are smooth because they are polished, there is also a top polished type, only the top is polished, and an unpolished type, without any polish at all and left to appear naturally both fiber and texture.

Technology and creativity for the manufacture of household furniture requires business and investment that is not small. This also causes the price to be able to get a collection of items made from petrified wood is also high. However, this has not discouraged people from looking for and hunting them, even for export commodities that are in great demand in foreign countries.

Tips for choosing a good Petrified Wood Interior or Exterior

As furniture to fill the room inside or the room, it is also necessary to consider its characteristics, such as the weight of petrified wood which is quite heavy, it can even be heavier than stone. So that the placement can fit the existing space, then you can listen to some of the following useful tips.

  • Used for places or dining rooms, reading rooms or living rooms that do not have high flexibility such as bedrooms or family rooms. This is due to the weight of the petrified wood, which makes it difficult to move it to and fro many times.
  • Pay attention to the mix and match combinations that match the other furniture, because by taking this into account, you will get a beautiful and harmonious mix and match in the whole room.
  • Do a price comparison research first before making a choice, because petrified wood furniture is not mass production, so it is more exclusive and has artistic value, so prices can differ greatly from one to another.