PT Rimba Industri Karyatama Indonesian Plywood Manufacturers

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PT Rimba Industri Karyatama Indonesian Plywood Manufacturers, a leading wood processing company based in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, produces various kinds of superior products, one of which is processed plywood. The manufacturing process uses modern machines to produce high quality Indonesian Plywood, meeting international standards. Indonesian plywood is able to fulfill exports to various countries, with an integrated shipping system from international ports in Indonesia to export destination countries. If you are looking for an Indonesian Plywood Company with optimal quality and continuous and maintained product availability, then PT Rimba Industri Karyatama is the right choice to meet your needs.

Considering that the need for the international market is still very large, the plywood industry in Indonesia is also increasingly active in producing to fulfill that market. PT Rimba Industri Karyatama has a veneer industry division that specializes in the manufacture of quality plywood. Made with a strong construction with a thickness according to specifications, making plywood more flexible for various purposes. The manufacture of plywood goes through a strict process and quality control, carefully arranged and processed in order to produce a product with maximum precision. Apart from competing in quality, the price factor is also very influential in determining choices. For this reason, it offers competitive prices, so it is very effective and efficient to export this product directly from Indonesia. The entire process from ordering to delivery has also been neatly and practically arranged, making it very easy for buyers to get products directly from suppliers, manufacturers of the Indonesian Company.


Indonesia Plywood Manufacturers Factories with Export Quality and Competitive Price

PT Rimba Industri Karyatama plywood factory in Indonesia is experienced in this industry, and is also able to export its products to various countries. The complete trading divisions of this company are as follows:

  • Harvesting Wood
  • Wood Building Products Industry
  • Furniture
  • Veneer Industry
  • Sawmill Industry
  • Decorative Plywood

Experienced supplier for various Indonesian original plywood needs. The price of plywood in Indonesia is very competitive, making it in great demand by buyers from abroad, in addition to meeting domestic needs. All products are made of selected wood from Indonesian industrial forests, which are known for their quality and quality compared to similar products from other countries. Moreover, Indonesia is indeed famous for its processed wood products, one of which is the choice of raw materials for Indonesian tropical forest products.

Indonesian Plywood ManufacturersIndonesian Plywood Manufacturers 2

PT Rimba Industri Karyatama is the name of a well-known and trusted Indonesian plywood factory, a company from Pontianak, West Kalimantan which has gone global with its products. A factory with a large capacity, ready to accept export orders, in large quantities and is experienced in their fields. The ordering process is easy, only by sending specifications of requirements, sizes, quantities and other data as needed, it will be served quickly and professionally, from the beginning of the process to the final stage of delivery.

To find out more information and to place an order, please contact directly with the address information below.

Company Profile

PT Rimba Industri Karyatama
Head Office: Jl. Budi Utomo Gang Purnajaya! No.8A
RT / RW 001/005, Siantan Hilir
North Pontianak
Pontianak 78243

Managing Director’s Lines:
Khairil Anwar
Contact Number: +62812 5602 0009
Contact e-mail:

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