Rattan Crossbody Bag : Varieties and How to Take Care

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Rattan Crossbody Bag is one of the most popular contemporary models. Bags made of rattan are indeed unique rattan crafts and attract attention because of their uniqueness. This bag consists of two materials of choice of manufacture:

  1. Original rattan, made from palmae rattan which has a strong character, is light and slightly flexible, with a relatively more expensive price.
  2. Synthetic rattan, made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic which has the advantage of being more durable, recyclable and available in more color choices.
  3. A mixture of rattan and ate, ate is a type of root that is dried and woven for handicraft purposes, has a more flexible and thinner texture than real rattan.


The uniqueness of the Rattan Bag

For those of you who choose to use a rattan sling bag, your choice is the right choice, because there are so many advantages you get, and of course the privileges you get, including:

1. Has a high aesthetic value. The value of beauty that is owned makes many people amazed by products derived from this rattan.

2. Having very varied motives. The variations displayed from the results of these rattan handicraft products are very varied, there are many models and colors to choose from, they often even describe the characteristics of products with designs from each particular region, so that they can clearly describe the best handicraft products from that area.


Some areas that are famous for their typical rattan products and their distinctive characteristics are as follows:

  • Lombok’s typical rattan bag, with a pattern that tends to be plain, adapted to its original use, namely as a bag for a jewelry box.
  • Balinese rattan bag, with a choice of various motifs, one of which is the famous one with the sun pattern.
  • Kalimantan rattan bag, is a Dayak rattan bag with thick and very visible characteristics. The hallmark of this bag is that it is made of woven rattan which is very neat and has high aesthetics, a regular pattern and is beautiful to look at. The dominant colors are black and yellow, according to the characteristics of the original color of the rattan itself.

3. Environmentally Friendly
The use of natural materials certainly supports the manufacture of products that are more environmentally friendly, easily decomposed compared to bags made of plastic materials.

4. Animal friendly
The use of natural materials from rattan is certainly more animal fiendly than using bags made of animal skin.

5. Multifunctional Nature
A rattan sling bag can serve a variety of uses and is easy to carry around.

6. Many Variation Models
Rattan bags are no less featuring many models and designs to choose from, from classic to contemporary modern designs.

7. Strong and durable durability
Rattan bags are durable and can be used many times. Moreover, if cared for properly, of course, the lifespan can be even longer.

How to care for rattan bags

In addition to using it, so that its use can be more durable and long lasting, then don’t forget to take care of it. This is so that in addition to making it more durable, its appearance is also still attractive and shiny like new. Here are some tips for caring for rattan bags:

  • Clean rattan bags regularly, especially on the sidelines, from dust, dirt, stains or the like, so that they are free from damage or mold. To clean it, you can also use a mini vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, brush or other materials that can clean it.
  • Dry the rattan sling bag as soon as possible if the bag is wet
  • Store in a special place that is clean and a place free from moisture
  • Dry regularly in a cool place and don’t be exposed to direct sunlight.
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