Various Designs of Unique and Comfortable Rattan Patio Chairs

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There are various models and types of rattan patio chairs that you can choose to decorate the outdoor area of the house. As we know, rattan material is very suitable for exterior decoration because the material’s resistance is strong, light and flexible, easy to move, has a unique and beautiful appearance and of course an affordable price.

The placement of rattan chairs on the terrace of the house is indeed very appropriate because it can create a more comfortable and homey atmosphere at home, as well as beautify the terrace of the house. Many choices of design models that can be selected according to taste and in accordance with the overall design of the house.

The following are examples of various types of rattan patio chair designs as design inspiration for filling the terrace of the house.

1. Rattan Patio Chairs a la Beach Chair

This chair can be used to get an atmosphere like being on the beach, by lying down enjoying the gentle breeze and bright air in the morning or evening. This rattan beach chair has a low back, so that the body position is supine and relaxed when using it.

2. Minimalist Rattan Patio Chairs

Appears with a minimalist design, featuring rattan material as it is original, light brown in color which is simple but sweet to look at. This model is very suitable to be placed in a minimalist concept house.

3. Vintage Rattan Patio Chairs

This is a look that carries an old style to its design. The classic model of a dark brown rattan chair with cushioned curved chair legs, so that those who use this chair can sit while shaking the chair to get a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Classic Rattan Patio Chairs

Lovers and lovers of classic design style, of course, will not miss this classic style collection. Shown in a classic style, a model that is often found in the past, is suitable for use on the terrace of the house with a shabby chic style.

5. Traditional Rattan Patio Chairs

The traditional style is so strong in this type of design. A traditional lounge chair with a dark brown color and curved legs that can be swayed is perfect for relaxing. The right choice to be placed on the terrace of the house which is flowed by a lot of wind so that it adds to the comfortable relaxed atmosphere that exists.

6. Unique Style Rattan Patio Chairs

A rattan patio chair with a unique style, a different design than usual but still functional. The full circle shape that widens, but still has the right sitting area, makes the atmosphere of the terrace of the house warmer.

7. Modern Rattan Patio Chairs

Rattan chairs with a modern style are now being chosen as a complement to the exterior decoration of the terrace of the house. Its use can immediately make the facade look prettier, as well as make the terrace area cooler.

8. Shabby Chic Rattan Patio Chair

Chairs with a shabby chic theme, suitable for placing on the terrace of the house or in the garden. The atmosphere is even thicker when you add cushions to the seats, making it very shabby chic as well as comfortable.

9. Scandinavian Model Rattan Patio Chair

If you want to display Scandinavian style on the terrace of the house, then this is the right choice to choose. A simple style accentuated by neutral colors, it conveys a strong Scandinavian feel.

10. Functional Rattan Patio Chairs

Functional style options can be chosen, the rattan chair which at the same time can be used as a drawer for storing items, or it can also be used as a storage for a multipurpose small table or it can also be used as a storage for a footrest.

11. Modern Monochrome Style Rattan Patio Chair

A modern style look with a black monochrome appearance combined with additional white pads, or black pads, can be combined with color on the terrace area.

12. Simple Modern Rattan Patio Chair

The design is simple, simple and not excessive but still looks beautiful, sleek style looks attractive to complement the existing terrace of a modern house.

13. Mid Century Style Rattan Patio Chairs

The mid-century style emphasizes a simple, uncomplicated design and a choice of neutral colors. Shown with rattan combined with wood makes the appearance more beautiful.

We recommend that the placement on the terrace of the house is chosen in a part that has a protector at the top, for example a canopy, so that it is protected from direct sunlight or rain. Thus the rattan patio chair at home becomes more durable and long lasting.