Reasons Why Indonesian Batik Fabrics Has Increasingly Praised And Popular Worldwide

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Indonesian batik fabric
Indonesia has been known for its vast tradition and variety of national treasures. One thing for sure, Batik fabric is one of the best treasures that Indonesia ever has. Even more amazing, Batik is called as the Intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco around 2009. But why does Indonesian batik fabrics are highly praised and popular? Here is the answer.

The Reason Why This Particular Fabric Deserve Its Recognition

1. The Long Life Dedication Making
Hours, days, to weeks, Batik fabric needs a serious deal in making. All were due to manual labor and the slow process of patterning. The long process transforms Batik into one of the valuable stuff. The process consists of boiling cloth with herbs, drawing patterns, redrawing using hot wax, dying the fabrics, scraping and removing the wax, and lastly drying it.

2. The Design And Motif Portrays Philosophy And Story
Another reason why this fabric is highly appreciated is the story behind its stroke. Each region’s batik has its iconic and characteristics. It is because of the design representing their pride and story. For example, is the Batik Parang from Solo that symbolizes the endless waves of the ocean. It also tells the philosophy to never give up in your life.

3. One Of A Kind Motifs
the manual drawing and process of Indonesian batik fabrics are considered as one of a kind. Or it can be said that each motif is different and won’t be found in other regions or even countries. It is not only about the design, but also the material, the colors, and the grand design are distinctive that makes it one of the Indonesian Cultural heritage.

Each piece of Batik Fabrics in Indonesia bore a unique motif and story in it. The beautiful hand-drawn motif also shows how the philosophy has carved in the fabric. Along with it, the vast Indonesian cultures bring never-ending variations of Batiks. Each region has its distinct characteristics that pour on the local batik fabric. That is why Batik is an irreplaceable treasure.