Recommended Car Accessories Shop in Singapore

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Do you want your car look different and more stylish? Of course you can, by adding various car accessories that can make your appearance cooler. Apart from being known as a business city, Singapore is also known as a place that has car accessories complete with the latest and varied models, such as various LED lights, car audio, alarms, cameras and many other car accessories. Because there are many places that sell car accessories, here we will provide information about recommended car accessories shops in Singapore as a reference.


1. Enzo Singapore

Address: 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, #02-20 First Centre, Building, Singapore 555856
Telephone Number: +65 8333 1984
Operational Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00 (Closed Sunday)

Famous place in Singapore for innovative car accessories and car mats, as well as other car accessories. Excellent service for every order made here including installation. There are various choices available according to their respective qualities, with different prices. You can get more professional and satisfying service than expected here, besides being careful, precise and fast, without sacrificing quality. Everything is done in detail and thoroughly so that the results can be satisfying. (enzo singapore)

2. 3M Authorized Car Grooming Center by United Automobile Services

Address: 18 Boon Lay Wy, #04-109/94 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Telephone Number: +65 9671 9719
Operational Opening Hours: 09.30-17.00 (Saturday 09.30-12.00; Sunday Closed)

One stop car accessories retail shop for various needs from window film, car care, ceramic coating, detailing services and many more. The best service is provided here from the beginning of communication, very responsive and accommodating in serving customers’ wishes, until the results are also satisfactory. Very skilled and experienced in workmanship and installation, up to maintenance, down to the details, making the work neat. Overall, it can be said that the service here is highly recommended.

3. Poshz Infinity Car Accessory

Address: 2 Lor 10 Geylang, Singapore 399036
Telephone Number: +65 9084 0606
Operational Opening Hours: 14.30-00.00

The car accessories shop in Singapore service is available until evening, so you don’t need to sacrifice your weekend time, you can come here after office hours. Wide range of car accessories are available ready to upgrade your car to make it cooler and more comfortable. The work is carried out carefully and pays great attention to the quality of the work, so that consumers can be satisfied. Regarding price, don’t worry about it being expensive, because the prices here are reasonable for all car accessory items available here.

4. Mods Ministry

Address: 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, #01-27 First Centre, Building, Singapore 555856
Telephone Number: +65 9844 7828
Operational Opening Hours: 11.00-20.00

Car accessories shop in Singapore includes audio systems, car entertainments, cameras, air conditioning, for Asian cars, Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Workmanship to the highest standards, carried out by mechanics who are experts in their field, who know how to work efficiently, supported by friendly and transparent service. You feel safe and comfortable transacting here, because all prices are not marked up, they are as they are, so that makes you satisfied. It’s not surprising that many people become regular customers and entrust their car accessory needs here.

5. Carstom Pte Ltd

Address: 11 Fourth Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 629708
Telephone Number: +65 9386 6017
Operational Opening Hours: 09.30-18.30

If you are looking for a car accessories shop in Singapore with a wholesale system, then this is the right place. Apart from that, it also serves custom car needs according to consumer wishes. Supported by friendly staff, who do not hesitate to explain in detail about each item here. Mechanics also don’t hesitate to provide suggestions to make the installation of accessories produce an optimal appearance. Dexterous and fast service while still observing the highest quality standards.

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