Recommended Car Rental Services in Denpasar Bali, and its Surroundings

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While you are in Bali to enjoy tourism, sometimes you need a car for a certain period of time, therefore it is more practical if you rent a car to support your daily activities.

To rent a car in Bali, sometimes you also have to choose in advance from a variety of car rental services, in order to get a good quality car at an affordable price.

In the following, we inform you about car rental places in Denpasar, Bali and its surroundings, so that they can be the best reference for you.


1. Bali Mesari Rentals

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Address: Jl. Sulatri No.9 A, Kesiman Petilan, East Denpasar, Denpasar, Bali
Telephone: 0812-9656-5758
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Bali Mesari Rental is a provider of car rental services off key and also with drivers. Various types of cars can be rented here at cheap and affordable prices. The time you can choose is also flexible, you can choose to rent a car for 12 hours, daily, weekly to monthly.

The response in response to contact is also fast, so you don’t have to wait long. When using a driver, always use a driver who is professional and knows the field so that the services provided are professional and your activities in Bali are enjoyable.

2. Merta Sedana Rental

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Address: Jl. Kubu Anyar, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali
Telephone: 0853-3389-7497
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Rent a car in Bali off the key with the advantages of a clean car and the latest edition, reservations ready 24 hours to be contacted, as well as easy and hassle-free terms.

The best solution for you to do your activities safely and comfortably while in Bali. Ready to serve various forms of car rental such as key-off car rental services, car rental services with drivers and fuel, car services for weddings, luxury car rental services and also airport transfer services.

3. Bali Bija

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Address: Jl. Graha Parta Lestari No. 8, Padangsambian Klod, West Denpasar, Denpasar
Telephone: 0813-3836-2376
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Rent a Bali car with a key-off rental service or with a professional driver. Rental options with priority on quality and comfort. Reliable service is available 24 hours for your needs while in Bali.

The process is easy and very fast, thus making all processes comfortable. Employees and owners are also very friendly during communication, so that all processes run smoothly. The cleanliness of the car is also very concerned, clean inside and out and in satisfactory condition. It’s great to find a place to rent a car that isn’t complicated and the service is fast and the best.

4. Balioh Trans

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Address: Jl. Mekar II, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80221
Telephone: 0813-4069-3047
Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Balioh Trans is a car rental place domiciled in several big cities in Indonesia, one of which is in Denpasar, Bali. Serving various forms of car rental, including car rental off the key, annual monthly, buses to minibuses to luxury car rentals.

For those of you who are active in Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak or other areas, you can take advantage of the services of this balioh trans.

5. CV. Putra Bali Mandiri

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Address: Jl. Griya V Park No. 26, Tuban, Kec. Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361
Telephone: 0812-3804-547
Opening Hours: 07.00-24.00 WIB

Car rental services with clean, well-maintained, good conditions and the latest releases. Services can be delivered and picked up during the rental process. Good service so that it makes tenants come back here if they need it again.