Safe Deposit Box Supplier and Vault in Indonesia

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The largest safe deposit box supplier in Indonesia, providing various needs for safes in various sizes and for various purposes. We are ready to become a supplier of procurement in large quantities to meet the needs of companies, both small, medium to large and well-known companies. Companies certainly need a place to store office files, stored in a safe place, not easily moved, and free from damage. Therefore, a safe is a solution for this. Office vault is the most appropriate solution, to answer all problems with office files, documents to valuables.

Many requirements must be met in order for the vault to meet safety standards. Must be tested against various treatments that might be experienced by the vault. One of them is to be fire resistant, in order to eliminate the risk if at any time the company experiences a fire.

In addition, a good safe deposit box company is able to provide many choices to its customers, according to their needs. Here are some models available according to the needs of each user.

1. Filing Vault.
Filing vault and document filing provide maximum protection for important documents, pay attention to security factors and protect documents through optimal protection.

2. Safes for Gold Shops
Apart from protecting gold from the risk of fire, it also protects against theft, robbery, with maximum protection.

3. Safe Deposit Box
Provides security and privacy guarantees for each user. Has a simple but functional design, made of quality materials, in accordance with safe deposit box security standards.

4. Vault door and Vault Room
Make security in the form of a security door including a safe room with maximum protection.

5. BPKB Safe
Special storage for BPKB and related documents, specially made to make it easier to save at once later to retrieve them.

6. Drop Safe
Versatile storage with a modern design, made of quality materials for multipurpose storage, various items that require a high level of security. Can be used for purposes at gas stations, supermarkets or retail shops.
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