Steam Boiler Manufacturers in Indonesia

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Boiler Manufacturer Indonesia fulfills the need for a variety of boilers, all of which are number one quality, are always at the forefront of quality, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Steam boiler packages for various needs, all produced by maintaining quality and production standards.

Some of the production types of this native Indonesian company include: oil and gas fired boiler, wood and biomass fired boiler, waste heat recovery boiler systems.

steam boiler indonesia

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All boilers that are made have a design that is in accordance with international country certification standards, including British standards and German standards. So there is no need to worry about boiler specifications, because it is certain that it matches the old specifications and passes the certification test.

Years of experience in the original Indonesian boiler manufacturing industry are certainly of added value in the assessment. All systems are running normally according to the habits that have been done in the production system. Reliable, reliable capability accompanied by advanced experience, making the production flow run stably so that it can produce quality boilers for a variety of uses.

Whatever your needs for a boiler, be it steam, hot water, thermail oil to an electric boiler, but also a high pressure boiler, all the details can be done here, so it is an all in one solution for various needs.

The machine made by the nation’s children, makes Indonesia not underestimated, because it has been able to fulfill its own needs for boilers of various types. In fact, in the future there will also be more export demand for this product. Fabrication and installation specialists for all types and types of boilers, successfully producing and meeting domestic needs with international standards.

Technical specifications and custom designs for specific uses can be consulted with the technical team, to be accommodated. Quality boilers that are able to support various industrial fields at the company, for power plants, or used on property in the hotel world, as well as many more that can be supported by boilers.

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