Stories Behind The Beauty Of Indonesian Handicrafts

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One of the many reasons why Indonesia is very rich is shown from the abundance of arts and crafts. When you step your foot in this Archipelago country, each of the regions has a different characteristic that makes each of its Indonesian Handicrafts unique. But behind its uniqueness, they bore more than stories in it. What are they? here is what makes them special.

The Behind Stories Of Indonesian Arts And Crafts

  1. A Symbolism Behind Its Colorful Design

From Batik, Wayang, to Leak, each of its strokes has symbolism in it. For example, the mythical dragon, the tree of life, the beast garuda, to the wave of the ocean, each of them has special meaning. It can be the symbolism of strength, ancient stories of good and evil, to the specific meaning regarding the religious beliefs and influence in each region.

  1. Represent Provincial Specialties

Along with the symbolism, handicrafts and also arts of each region represent provincial specialties. For example, Balinese carving, Javanese Batik, Bugis sarong, Woodworking, pottery, blowguns to clothing, and small souvenirs. That is why each of the areas will have different kinds of products that come with a distinctive style.

  1. Many Kinds Of Forms And Motif

Indonesian Handicrafts come in many forms. You can find some of them in the shape of textiles, puppets, ceramics, shells, wood carving, stone carvings, paintings, even weapons, and other else. There are also natural fibers and materials, traditional toys, even intricate masks. Each of them bore different meanings that were pictured from their uses and motifs.

Indonesia is like a country where thousands of culture bond together as one unity. From Sabang To Merauke, each region bore its characteristic that explicitly represented from the art and crafts. Along with it, the beauty of them perfectly portrays the culture, the symbolism, specialties, and the ability of Indonesian people to create such creative items that worth collecting.