Supplier Indonesian Gelato with Authentic Italian Flavors

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Supplier of premium quality Indonesian Gelato with authentic Italian flavors, here for gelato connoisseurs in Indonesia. A unique product with an emphasis on premium quality, texture and taste.

Gelato – Sometimes I can still hear Gelato’s conversation in the café, the confusion of our prospective B2B clients, and see similar posts on Instagram. In fact, the type of dessert that Three Folks makes and I will discuss further is the hard ice cream category.

Like fruit, both apples but there are many kinds; ice cream and gelato have similarities but have their respective characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at what (hard) ice cream and gelato are!

The history and various forms of cold desserts throughout human civilization is very long, full of legends and mysteries. Starting from the Roman emperor who said he used snow from the mountains and mixed with wine and honey, to Marco Polo’s adventures in China which then brought news about ice cream to Italy.

From some of these stories, it is generally agreed that the ice cream we know today originated in Italy (Gelato) around the 17th century, then spread to France (French style), then developed in America (Philadelphia style).
Raw Materials / Recipes.

I’m sure every ice cream or gelato maker has their own unique recipe. However, the classic ice cream and gelato recipe generally consists of a mixture of frozen milk, cream, eggs, and sugar.



Traditional ice cream usually has a greater proportion of cream and egg than Italian-style gelato. The type of ice cream dough that uses eggs is called custard base / French-style, while those that don’t use eggs are called Philadelphia-style.

Ice cream is usually served in cooler conditions (-18ºC to -21ºC) than gelato (-15ºC to -18ºC); while for storage, it can be 2 – 3ºC cooler again. In addition to the recipe, temperature has a big effect on the condition and durability of the product.

As an illustration, usually artisan gelato and ice cream can last around 1-2 weeks at the time of display, and are safe for consumption within 2-3 months from the date of production. More than that ice crystals that spoil the taste, color and texture begin to form.

Basically, a Gelato that is processed and frozen properly can last for months and does not spoil, but the sooner it is consumed, the better.