Inspiration for Unique, Cute and Modern Table Lamp Designs

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One decoration that is almost always present in a room is a table lamp, which is used for various purposes. When working or studying, especially at night, of course you need adequate lighting so you can focus on what you are doing and for your health, because this is important for maintaining healthy eyes.

With the lighting on the table, its function is to illuminate special small objects that are on the table, such as laptops, books, or other work or study equipment. With a table lamp, we can focus more on the object highlighted by the lamp. The use of table lamps themselves can be turned on, while room lights can be turned off, so that they can save more energy in their use.

Apart from its many and important functions, a table lamp can also function as an interesting and unique interior decoration for a room. Therefore, now there are many table lamps that are designed in various attractive styles and models. With this table lamp, the room can also be more attractive with a cool table lamp.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will present various inspirational table lamp designs that look unique, cute or modern. When placed in a room, they can liven up the atmosphere with their sweet decorations.


1. House Stockholm Design Table Lamp

The appearance of a table lamp at a glance is similar to a lantern, which has a solid iron frame. In the middle of the frame is a large lamp, while the on/off button is mounted at the top of the lamp. A unique look of industrial style that is sure to succeed in getting attention as soon as people see it.

2. Rustic Style Table Lamp

The characteristic feature of the rustic style is that the materials used for its manufacture use natural materials, such as wood, certain metals, and are final designed as if the manufacturing process had not been completed, resulting in a rustic and unique appearance. For example, a lamu with wooden bones consisting of two parts that can be folded, has a classic style that is suitable for use as an interior for a workspace or study room.

3. Wooden Robot Model Table Lamp

The uniqueness of creativity can be realized in many ways, including one of them is a table lamp that resembles a wooden robot. It looks like a complete robot with its legs, while the lamp is the head of the robot. The legs can also be used as a place to put books or other items that are suitable to be placed there.

4. Oil Pump Table Lamp

The appearance of an industrial-style lamp, like an oil pump which is usually found in an oil mine or oil depot, is used as a lamp decoration. A unique table lamp as well as a beautiful interior decoration in the room.

5. Cute Desk Lamp

Various choices of cute and unique designs can be displayed here with a wide selection of models with various colors, and can be adjusted to the theme of the room. A lampshade that can be chosen according to taste, combined with a base that also looks cute, for example in the shape of an elephant, a cute cat.

6. Classic Incandescent Lamp

For those who like classic designs, you can choose this incandescent lamp design, which has a vintage style. This design has been widely used since hundreds of years ago, showing an ancient and classic atmosphere.

7. Retro Industrial style table lamp

The lamp appears in an industrial style model, like an iron pipe complete with a faucet and the lamp is mounted at the top. There are two types of lamp options, you can use LED and incandescent lamps.

8. Modern Classic Style Table Lamp

A combination of two classic and modern styles, the perfect combination with a base made of marble, while the pillars are made of metal. The minimalist shape displays a modern and practical impression.