Teak Furniture

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Teak Furniture from Jepara, Indonesia, has gone global through exports to various countries and continents, famous for its good wood quality, grade choice to suit its function. Indonesian Teak furniture manufacturer for various types of designs of chairs, tables, benches, sofas to beds, dining tables, for indoor and outdoor use, has been experienced as a wholesale supplier through export shipping, international markets or the domestic market.


Indonesian Teak Furniture is characterized by unique carvings, the most appropriate choice for outdoor furniture and also indoor furniture.

Why choose teak furniture over others? because of the many advantages and advantages possessed from this material. Especially Indonesian Teak Furniture is made and taken from tropical forest teak plantations, suitable for growing materials, especially since the treatment is specifically handled by Perhutani as a government agency of the Ministry of Forestry including for Jepara Furniture, including the preservation of tropical forest plants has also been considered.

In general, the advantage of choosing teak furniture as the choice of furniture is because:

Its ability to survive in a variety of weather.

The most popular choice especially for outdoor use, because teak is the hardest wood material, with a dense natural grooved structure producing high quality wood.

Resistant to pests.

No need to worry about getting eaten or disturbed by pests, because the nature of teak wood that has oil and a special resin, resulting in resistance to all pest intruders.

No need to care (less maintenance)

Easy to care for or clean teak furniture because of durable materials, so automatic maintenance does not require certain complications.

Durable and strong.

Teak furniture is very strong, sturdy, not easily broken or eroded. It could even be said that buying furniture made from teak wood, is used forever, even for our children and grandchildren.

teak furniture indonesia

Teak furniture for outdoor and garden made from grade A Jepara Forestry

Flexible and up to date design.

Because it is made of wood, the furniture produced by teak wood can be carved to follow the most modern development trends, the latest minimalist to the most complicated design styles can be accommodated.

Beautiful and beautiful appearance.

Teak wood has an attractive appearance, its natural color presents a natural, luxurious and classy appearance. The impression is elegant, sturdy, but still flexible, making beautiful views of the interior and exterior of the house and garden.

Custom made availability

Because the material consists of various grades, it can also meet customer desires, if you want a particular design, with the quality of existing grades, can be met.

Indonesian teak furniture, inspires artistic design work of high artistic value, magnificent appearance, luxury, inspires every decoration indoors and outdoors. Ergonomic design, open to innovation, but still maintaining traditional characteristics in terms of carving and usability functions. A durable furniture solution for various home and teak garden furniture uses, home porches, swimming pools, back gardens, terraces and other corners.

The flexibility of the design can be proven to be mixed with other materials, resulting in a more beautiful design combination. Can be combined with stainless steel, aluminum, rope, or rattan, and many more. The combination in addition to a beautiful appearance, also combines other advantages of each material combined. The handicraft combined with a special finishing machine for teak wood, is the most optimal combination to produce the most amazing results.

Exclusive collections in various rooms, producing powerful products, accommodating various styles, making users feel comfortable while using it. Premium collections can keep up with the times, can be placed wherever needed, and many choices. The highest production standards, carried out by experienced experts, are hereditary in the city of Jepara, Indonesia Furniture, has been popular as a producer of quality teak furniture, long-lasting and durable, resistant to all kinds of weather. Each unit that has been made has been through quality control carefully, from the beginning of the selection of materials, the manufacturing process, to the final process, finishing touch.