The Advantages of Rattan Chair that Need to be Known

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Recently, rattan chairs have been on the rise again to become the prima donna in society, many of its uses are found for various functional purposes. This is not without reason, because rattan chairs have many advantages and benefits that can be taken as parts of rattan crafts. Want to know what are the advantages of rattan chairs? The following describes the facts.

1. Sturdy But Light Structure

In general, strong furniture also has a heavy weight, but it is different from rattan chairs, even though it is light, the structure is sturdy and strong, when compared to chairs made from other materials, such as teak chairs. This makes this rattan chair can be easily moved to various places, according to their needs and requirements. So it will be very easy if you want to rearrange the room, or want to clean the room, you can easily move it or lift it.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Rattan material is a material that can be cultivated more easily, compared to other materials such as teak which requires intensive supervision. Rattan does not require large-scale tree felling activities, because rattan is one of the plants that is the savior of the ecosystem in the forest area where the rattan plant grows.

3. Easier maintenance

Chairs made of rattan are easier to care for, this cannot be separated from rattan material which is waterproof and does not absorb water. This means you don’t need to worry if you spill a drink, for example, if you get a stain or other liquid, it can be cleaned easily, simply by wiping or scraping the liquid or stain. Likewise for rattan chairs with ruit woven which have small holes, it is not a problem to clean them with just the help of a brush.

4. Prices are cheaper and affordable

The price factor is an important factor in determining which type of chair to choose, and in general the price of rattan chairs is much cheaper and more affordable than chairs made of other materials such as teak chairs or sofas. Even though the price is cheaper, when it comes to quality issues, don’t worry, because rattan chairs are also durable and can be used for a long time.

5. Flexible to use Indoor or Outdoor

Due to its weather-resistant nature, it is not a problem to place rattan chairs as an indoor or outdoor property, they can be very flexible in their placement, especially with their light weight, so they can be moved around easily.

6. Displays a Natural Impression

For those who like a natural and natural atmosphere in the house, this rattan chair can support the concept of property selection and overall design. The natural color seems to blend with the concept of returning to nature, and gives a cool, natural feel that you want to highlight.

7. Various Color Choices

Besides rattan chair products with natural colors, now you can also find rattan chairs with various color choices so that they appear more attractive and modern.

8. Durable and Long Lasting

Apart from its sturdy structure and rattan material which is resistant to various kinds of weather, rattan chairs are also famous for their durability, which can be used for decades.

9. Choice of Natural or Synthetic Rattan

Due to the large demand and developments in technology, rattan chairs now also have two choices of materials, made of natural rattan or synthetic rattan chairs, made of synthetic rattan.

10. Modern keeps up with the times

Rattan chairs are able to appear following the trends and fashions that are currently popular. Its design and style are not inferior to others, being able to appear both modern and contemporary and being able to adapt the latest designs.