The Advantages of Rattan Rurniture that Make it Famous in the International Market

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Rattan furniture is widely known to be used for various furniture needs to complement interior and exterior needs. It turns out that rattan furniture has many advantages, it’s no wonder that many choose it to be used and fill the need for furniture for households, in hotels, villas and so on.

Indonesian Rattan Furniture is also known as a major supplier of rattan furniture needs both for local needs and for the world market. This is because many rattan plants thrive and develop well, suited to the climate in Indonesia. The best rattan producers are in Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan to Nusa Tenggara.

Why is rattan furniture liked by many people? On this occasion, we will discuss the factors of excellence that are owned so that they become an option to fill the need for furniture at home, villas or hotels.


1. Light weight

Rattan furniture has a lighter weight compared to furniture with other types of materials such as wood, iron, stainless steel and so on. That way, it can be shifted or moved easily to various rooms and is more flexible in its use. Thus, this rattan furniture is very functional and makes it easier for users to arrange and arrange the room more easily.

2. Cheaper price

Rattan furniture has a cheaper purchase price or acquisition compared to other original furniture, thus making it more economical and saving the budget that must be spent on household needs. Even though the price is cheaper, don’t ask about quality issues, it can be compared to others, the quality is good and can be guaranteed.

3. The charm of classic ethnic nuances

The nuances produced from rattan furniture create an ethnic, classic and exotic impression which makes it popular in the international market, who on average are looking for something with a return to nature theme as an attractive option, in addition to the ever-growing selection of modern furniture. This causes these rattan craftsmen to focus on the international market, because there is indeed a lot of attention and demand for products from this rattan.

4. Strong Structure

Even though it is made of rattan, the problem of strength can be compared with furniture made of other types of materials. Its strength is able to withstand the same load as other furniture materials such as wood, for example. So rattan is able to make furniture that is sturdy and strong so that it can withstand the same loads as others.

5. Durable and long lasting

Rattan furniture has durability and can be used for a long time. With regular maintenance and keeping it away from direct sunlight, rattan furniture can be used and can even be passed down to posterity.

6. Many Models

The flexible and flexible nature of rattan makes it usable to make various models and shapes of furniture as desired. Therefore, rattan is widely used as a material for home decoration both inside and outside the room, from making furniture to various kinds of decorative displays. Thus there are more choices of models, shapes and designs that can be alternatives for the interior and exterior needs of your home.

7. Look Modern

Besides having an original style that is natural and natural, rattan furniture can also appear with the power of modern furniture that keeps up with trends and the times. It doesn’t always only appear in its original color, which is tan, rattan furniture can also appear in a variety of beautiful and attractive colors, so that it appears modern, as well as the model and style.