The Benefits of Acacia Wood that You Need to Know

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Acacia wood is a type of wood produced from the acacia tree, a tree that is native to and widely found in North America. This plant used to be found on the side of the road because it has lots of leaves and can be used as a shade. But now it is gradually becoming rare to find it, being replaced with other types of plants because the stems, when they are old, are easily brittle and of course dangerous for those who cross the road so they must be cut down quickly.


Characteristics of the Acacia Tree

Before discussing the wood, here’s a little more information about the acacia tree. Acacia trees usually grow in hot and dry areas. This tree is a beautiful tree, with pinnate leaf shapes, and there are a few thorns on the trunk. Its unique character includes having unique flowers, with special clusters of purple, white and yellow.

The stem of the acacia tree also has a unique shape, there is a special place that is usually used by ants as a nest, which in turn can also protect the tree. The shape of the acacia tree trunk is round and straight, the color varies from brown to black and has character. The maximum size for an old acacia tree can reach 32 meters in height.


Acacia Wood Character

Acacia trees produce acacia wood which can be used for various purposes, having a very high selling value. At first glance, the shape and appearance are similar to teak wood which has good quality. The surface of acacia wood has a very smooth surface and waves. To find out more in detail, here are the characteristics of acacia wood:

1. Acacia wood has a combined color of brown and white, which can be seen clearly in every existing wood circle.

2. Acacia wood has a heavy mass and has a harder texture when compared to other types of wood.

3. Acacia wood has an unpleasant smell, resembling the smell of urine.

4. Acacia wood is known to be resistant to attacks by insects such as moths, especially due to the hardness of the wood texture and the smell that moths don’t like.

5. Acacia wood is easier to form into various shapes, even though it has a solid and hard shape.

6..Acacia wood is less susceptible to the effects of the weather, either due to rainfall or exposure to the sun, it cannot come in direct contact with soil or water, nor can it be in humid temperature conditions.

The benefits of acacia wood

As previously informed, acacia wood has a high selling value. Its position is even the second best wood after teak, as the best material for making various kinds of household appliances and furniture such as acacia furniture and many more.

Following are the benefits of acacia wood for its users:

1. Acacia wood can be made as a material for making various household furniture, especially for various needs for interior furniture or inside the house. Acacia wood is not recommended for outdoor use because it is constrained by its resistance to light and water.

2. Acacia wood is good for making various ornaments and home decorations. This is because even though it is hard in nature, it is easy to form into the desired kinds of decorations.

3. Be a mixture for perfume making. Acacia wood, originally has an unpleasant odor like the smell of urine, but after being processed and mixed with a mixture of other wood materials and refined, it can finally be used as a quality perfume.

4. Can be used as a medicinal ingredient.

5. As a material for making house construction.

6. As a material for the manufacture of paper fibers.

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