Tugboat Barge Charter in Indonesia

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If you need a tugboat and barge charters in Indonesia, we provide various types and sizes to suit your needs and needs. Sets of tug boat and barge are very suitable and flexible in the transportation of various types of bulk cargo, such as coal, cement, iron ore, woodchips, clinkers and pre-packed cargo, including containers.

Tug boat and barge has a multi-functional, flexible use that can enter deep river channels to stockpiles or mines, load Port to Port shipments, transshipment to Mother Vessels, short-distance shipments, Inter-island to be able to handle shipments between countries specifically for neighboring countries close, regional, such as ASEAN countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia).

We will provide a comprehensive transportation service, supply chain management, from loading, sailing to discharging. The loading schedule is determined including the loading schedule, the number of cargo to be loaded and the type of cargo. For that, it needs to be determined in detail how many feet the barge will need, whether 300 feet, 270 feet, 230 feet or can also load with a larger barge, 330 feet and above. It also needs to be specifically specified tug boat that will pull the barge, whether the strength of 1600 HP, 2000 HP, 2400, HP, 2800 HP according to the needs needed, where we are ready to advise advise the most appropriate choice, Tug Boat Barge that will be used.

You can use a tug boat and barge charters through several types of contracts, you can rent monthly, annually or so-called time charter, or you can also rent freight charter, per project to be implemented. Our fleet can meet all these needs, with a complete fleet of choices meeting BKI standards.

In addition to meeting the needs for Tug Boat and Barge, we also have the most complete service for all types of Shipping in Indonesia. The Indonesia Shipping Agency includes providing:

  • Tug Boat Jet Peller for Assists at the Port
  • Floating Crane for transshipment
  • Mother vessel
  • Tanker and of course
  • Shipping Agency in Indonesia
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