Types and Models of Natural Stone Carport Floors

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The use of natural stone as a material for home decoration such as wall clading, interior in bathrooms, floors of houses and terraces, has been widely used since ancient times. Now its use is also growing, one of which is starting to be used as a carport-making material, a place on the front or side of the house that is used to put cars.

Carport is a place to put a car in front or side of the house, and a canopy is usually installed above it to protect it from the weather. The lower part can be made of various materials, such as tiles, paving blocks and what is currently being used is a natural stone carport.

The attractiveness of a Natural Stone Carport is indeed very beautiful to look at because of the combination of natural stone with a natural impression which is arranged neatly with various motifs to choose from, making the carport look more elegant and luxurious. The variety of colors, shapes and motifs of natural stone can be chosen according to taste, so that it can fulfill your wishes, including harmony with the overall design of the house.

To get to know more about the types and types of Natural Stone Carports, the following explains in more detail the diversity of these materials, which can be used as a reference for their use.



1. Ceramic Natural Stone Carport

Ceramic is one of the materials suitable for carport. For use as a carport material, you can choose a ceramic surface that has a rough texture, so it’s not slippery when it’s raining. The installation can be in an arbitrary design, or it can be installed in a random design so that the appearance becomes unique and pleasing to the eye. Ceramic materials for use as carports are easy to find with a variety of design choices to suit your taste.

2. Carport Natural Stone Coral Brush

This brush coral type natural stone is among the most preferred and is used as a carport material. The reason why brush coral is widely used is because it has many design options to choose from, for example checkered, striped, circular and other types. In terms of color, there are also many color choices that can be adjusted to the design and harmony with the exterior of the house. Coral Natural Stone Carport Also brushes are suitable for areas that are not too large.

3. Natural Andesite Stone Carport

Andesite natural stone is known as a type of stone that has multiple functions for various kinds of building materials, one of which is also suitable for use as a carport material. Its use can also be easily combined with stone or other types of materials, resulting in a stunning carport appearance.

4. Carport Natural Stone Slabs

This type of natural stone slab has a distinctive shape design, making the carport appear uniquely attractive. Besides that, one of the advantages of this natural stone plate is its durability and strength, so that by using this material, it will last longer. The use of a natural stone slab carport is suitable for a minimalist type of house, which looks simple but has an elegant impression.

5. Pacitoroso Natural Stone Carport

Another type of natural stone that is suitable for use as a carport is the pacitoroso type of natural stone. A unique appearance with natural nuances, it can also be combined with other types of natural stone to further enhance its appearance. Pacitoroso natural stone can be obtained at quite affordable prices so that it can be used economically. Besides that, it can be obtained easily, because there are already many traders who sell this type of stone on the market.

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