Types of Natural Stone Sink, Advantages and Benefits of Using it

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The selection of sinks from natural stone is now often found in various places, because this type does have a beautiful appearance, attracts attention and stands out as an interior or exterior. The natural impression that it displays brings a cool and fresh atmosphere, as well as an attractive and elegant-looking decoration, giving aesthetic value to the area of the room where the natural stone sink is located. The appearance of natural and natural colors also makes it suitable to mix and match and combine with room decorations other.

Here are some of the advantages and benefits of inspiring natural stone sink designs that can liven up a room, add attractiveness and a beautiful appearance to the room as well as its main function as a place to wash and wash your hands, wash your face, make up or tidy yourself up there.


1. Unique and funny round sink

Apart from the common shape, namely the vessel model, there is also a round shape. The color is not only the neutral color of natural stone to choose from, but there is also a white one, so it gives a different impression and feel. A sink that also functions as a room decoration, because it displays in full all parts of the sink that appear standout.

2. Natural impression, simple but still elegant

A natural stone sink is perfect for complementing a room with a back to nature theme. The natural concept is very strong, combined with other decorations to make the room beautiful, like being in a cool and fresh natural atmosphere. The combination of natural stone sinks with other materials, for example, can be found in bathrooms with a natural concept, with stone floors, cement walls and natural stone sinks placed as one of the important elements in it.

3. Unique shape

Natural stone sinks have unique shapes and different details, giving each item a special and special impression. Its use can also be adjusted to the existing room, for example in a minimalist bathroom, you can place a natural stone sink with a vessel model, which is elongated, so that the bathroom space remains spacious and functional.

4. Suitable for a minimalist kitchen

Apart from being widely used in bathrooms, natural stone sinks are also suitable for various other rooms, such as for example to complement minimalist kitchen decorations. For this room what is suitable is the use of a natural stone sink with an undermount model, which has firm lines and can also be functionally utilized optimally, with the existing space. Its use can be combined with a granite countertop, resulting in a beautiful blend.


Types of Natural Stone Usually Used

Natural stone sinks are indeed the right choice if you want to bring out a natural and natural impression on your home design. The selection of stone types can also vary, matched to existing interior and exterior conditions. Here is a selection of natural stones that are usually used for sinks:

1. Marble, often used to create the impression of luxury and its advantages are its strength and durability.

2. Granite, the advantage is that it is very strong and resistant to scratches or stains.

3. Travertine, used as a natural stone sink because of its unique appearance, with its natural pores.

4. Kali Stone, to display a natural impression with a rough and natural appearance.

The use of natural stone is very flexible and easy to combine with other items, just remember to use it, you need to pay attention to the ratio of the size of the sink to the area installed, pay attention to its size so that it fits the existing room, and choose a suitable type to be combined with other home interiors.

The advantages of natural stone sinks

Here are some of the advantages and advantages of natural stone compared to other types of materials:

1. Appear unique and special in each item, because each natural stone sink has a unique appearance and pattern that is beautiful to the eye.

2. Durable, can be used for years with proper care, including do not use chemicals or acids, avoid rubbing with rough materials, and seal periodically.

3. Adding a natural touch while looking luxurious and elegant

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