Types of Natural Stone that are Suitable for the House Yard Floor

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Usually, many house yard floors use ceramic materials, which are already popular for their use. But if you want something different, so you don’t get bored with it, you can use natural stone as the yard floor. The appearance of natural stone is no less, it even has many advantages when used, it can beautify the appearance of the interior or exterior of the house, including the floor in the yard of the house.

Indeed, the price for using natural stone as a property for a house is relatively expensive compared to other materials, but if you consider and prioritize appearance issues, of course it’s not a pity to pay more, because it can also be an investment for the future. Natural stone material itself is popular for use as a material for making parts of houses, such as natural stone house walls, for carport use and of course suitable for use as a yard floor.

The use of natural stone can provide an aesthetic appearance for the courtyard of the house. It will appear even more attractive if the choice of natural stone type can be adjusted to the theme of the home page itself. This is because each of these types of natural stone has strong characteristics, so it is necessary to choose the right one according to the concept of the house itself.

Therefore, information will be explained here about several types of natural stone that are suitable for use as flooring in the yard. Thus, it is hoped that you can choose which type of natural stone fits into the overall concept of the house. In the following, you can see a detailed explanation.


1. Andesite Stone


This type of andesite stone is one of the natural stones most often used as a building material for houses. The residence immediately looks prettier by using this andesite natural stone decoration. Andesite stone is a rock that comes from volcanic eruptions, with strong characteristics, resistant to various kinds of weather. Another advantage is that the installation process is quite easy, so the installation process can be done more quickly. With its many advantages, andesite stone is often the main option if you want to use natural stone as your yard floor.

2. Stone Templek

The next option is natural stone, which is the second choice for using natural stone for the yard floor. The character of the natural stone of this temple is hard, with the form of thin plates. This type of stone is unique and irregular, so for installation it requires experts who really know this type of natural stone and have good installation techniques.

3. Palimanan Natural Stone

It is called palimanan stone because a lot of it is produced from Palimanan District which is in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This type is one of the natural stones with high resistance, strong and durable in use. Its use is very suitable for natural stone yard floors.

4. Coral

This unique type of coral is also widely used as a natural stone floor in the yard. This type is a natural stone with natural shapes and protrusions, and can be used as a medium for massaging the soles of the feet as a natural therapy that is useful for relaxing the body’s muscle tension. The installation is also quite easy, because apart from the natural and natural shape as it is, there is also a choice of coral stone which is shaped like ceramic.

5. Temple Stone

This type of stone is similar to andesite but has its own characteristics. What distinguishes it from andesite is that its pores are more open, making it easier to maintain.

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