Types of Office Furniture that are Widely Used and Functional.

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In carrying out daily business tasks, the office certainly requires good facilities and infrastructure so that business activities can run smoothly. One of the important facility requirements for an office is good and representative office furniture. With office furniture that is complete and functioning properly, it is expected that employee performance will also be better.

Office furniture is not just tables and chairs, but many other pieces of furniture are also needed so that office activities can run smoothly. Work comfort requires complete facilities and equipment, so that the person or team working can produce optimal productivity. By spending quite a long time in the office, usually from 9 to 5, it requires the need for complete and adequate office furniture.

Therefore, special attention is needed regarding the procurement of office furniture, including its layout in the office, so that even though the office is filled with many kinds of furniture, the atmosphere can still feel spacious and still conducive to doing a good job.

In the following, information will be presented regarding the need for office furniture, what types and types it is so that the office and its employees can carry out their duties and work properly, and are comfortable in the office even though it is for a relatively long and routine time.



1. Office Desk

The office desk is one of the most vital pieces of furniture in the office. There are several types of office desks such as employee desks, board of directors tables, tables for meetings and many more according to office needs. Make sure to choose a representative office desk, including being able to properly accommodate the office equipment needed.

2. Work Chair

Office chairs are also one of the most important and vital office furniture. The designs chosen vary according to taste and needs. Make sure to choose a work chair with the right height, the distance from the table and laptop is also right so that work doesn’t get tired quickly. Also choose an office chair with a comfortable cushion so that working conditions can be optimal.

3. Bookshelf

Leaving books or documents scattered on the table or other places is certainly not a good thing. For this reason, it is necessary to have a bookshelf to store various books or documents in a special place so that the work atmosphere can always be neat and not messy. Put documents in a special file and put them in an organized manner on the existing bookshelf, so that it can be easy to take and return them when needed.

4. Cabinet

Similar to a bookcase, the cabinet also functions as a place to store important documents and files, but the cabinet is equipped with doors or drawers that can store various important documents, including storing frequently used items such as pens, rulers, pencils and so on.

5. Office wardrobe

The use of office cabinets as a place to store various items from small to large sizes. Because of its large size, the cupboard can store more capacity.

6. Rotary Filing

A place to store various important office documents stored in a bantex and arranged in a circle so that they are easy to retrieve and to return. Rotary filing is suitable as a place for documents that are often used, so you don’t need to open the lid of the cupboard to use it.