Types of Stone that are suitable as Natural Stone Walls for Homes

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There are many materials that can be chosen as the walls of the house, one of which is the use of natural stone. By using natural stone base materials, the atmosphere of the house feels cool and cool and the appearance is natural and natural. Indeed, the costs that must be incurred are greater, but the results obtained are also commensurate, the house can be more luxurious and the resale value is of course higher, so it can be an investment.

Natural stone walls are suitable and can be applied to various types of houses and sizes, from minimalist homes to modern home designs, natural stone can be entered as interior and exterior decorations. Likewise, the types of natural stone that can be used also vary. To get to know more, the following will explain what types of stone are suitable as beautiful natural stone wall materials for home designs.



1. Slate

Slate or river natural stone is one of the materials suitable for use as a natural stone wall. This is because slate has good advantages to use, one of which is its very strong construction, making it suitable for use as a building foundation.

As a natural stone wall material for houses, it is used by splitting it into thin plates, so that it can be more easily attached to cover the walls. Slate natural stone walls are suitable for use in exterior or outdoor areas, for example for fence walls, fish pond edges, house pillars to dry garden decoration parts outside the house.

2. Marble Stone

Marble is usually used as a material for floors, or surfaces for kitchen countertops or washing areas, but it turns out that marble is also suitable for use as a beautiful natural stone wall material. The advantage of using this marble stone on the wall is that a luxurious and elegant impression will arise. Another advantage is that there are many color choices, we can choose colors freely, according to taste and compatibility with other decorations in the room. What you need to remember is, this marble stone is more suitable for use in interior parts only, because marble material is easy to brittle when exposed to heat or rain.

3. Andesite Stone

Characteristics of andesite stone is that it has small pores and is the hardest. The colors of andesite stones are only gray and black, but have quite a variety of motifs, including groove models, abstract models or abstract models.

Andesite stone has the advantage of being resistant to various kinds of weather and interference from mold and mildew, so it has been a popular housing material for a long time, especially for the outside area of the house. Andesite stone does not require complicated maintenance because of its nature, and there is no need to provide an anti-mildew and fungus coating.

4. Granite Stone

Granite is also a popular material and is widely used as natural stone walls. The use of granite gives a natural and natural impression, especially suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. The combination with wood interior decoration will make it look more exotic.

5. Palimanan Stone

Palimanan stone is typical of Cirebon as one of the producers of Indonesia Natural Stone. This palimanan stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Just don’t forget to give a layer of special substance to prevent moss and make it last longer.

6. Temple Stone

It is called the temple stone because it is a type of stone that was often used as a raw material for making stupas or temples in the past. The cool impression can be felt with the use of this temple stone especially for the inside of the room. This material is not suitable for outdoor use because it already absorbs water.

7. Paras Stone Jogja

There are two choices of types of this stone, namely jogja sandstone which is white and the other is cream colored. The appearance of the texture is soft and charming, so it’s not surprising that the price is also more expensive. It is suitable for home interiors and gives a luxurious and elegant appearance as a room decoration.

8. Stone Templek

These temple stones can be found in various places, and can be chosen according to the nearest location. The patterns that are owned vary, there are square or random motifs. The selected motif can be adjusted to the overall concept that will be decorated with natural stone walls.