Types of Wood that are Often Used as Furniture Materials

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Wood furniture is still the favorite materials for interior and exterior filling of houses, hotels, villas and other types of buildings. By using wooden furniture, the room will feel fuller, with warmer nuances, so that the room does not become monotonous and matches its appearance. This is supported by wood as a manufacturing material which is carefully selected, including the type of wood used.

There are several types of wood that are usually used as furniture making materials. This is supported by Indonesia’s fertile nature, which is rich in producing many trees that can be used as materials for making wood furniture. Abundant natural resources make Indonesia have many choices in determining the basic materials for making wooden furniture. In the following, information will be presented about what types of wood are often used and the best choices in making wooden furniture, including its advantages and disadvantages.


Various Types of Wood Materials for Making Furniture

1. Teak Wood

This type of teak wood must be presented at the top of the list in the best choice of furniture wood types among those available. Even many ordinary people think that the basic material for making furniture is only made of teak wood, because this material is so popular as having the best quality, even though there are actually many other types of wood that can be made as the same material.

The advantage of this teak wood is that the color does not fade even though it has been used for a long time as furniture, it does not change its shape and size, in the sense that it does not experience swelling or loss. In addition, it is resistant to various kinds of shocks. With the various advantages it has, it’s only natural that the price is more expensive than other types, a reasonable price to present classy furniture and guaranteed durability in its use.

2. Mahogany

The appearance and function of mahogany wood is almost similar to teak wood, making it the second choice for making wooden furniture. Besides being used as furniture, mahogany wood is also often used as a reinforcement of building structures. Speaking of quality issues, it is the second best wood after teak, which is suitable for use as furniture making materials.

The hallmark of mahogany wood is its charming fine grain appearance, which makes many people like its motifs, making the final appearance even more attractive. However, its use is better for indoor furniture, because if it is placed outdoors, it will be prone to mold, especially in damp and humid places. If properly cared for and placed, mahogany furniture can be used for a long time.

3. Sonokeling or Rosewood wood

This type of wood is characterized by a darker color appearance, so it is often also known as black wood with almost the same quality as teak wood for use as furniture material. It is suitable for making furniture with a classic and elegant type.

The characteristics of rosewood or rosewood are that it has a strong structure and is termite-resistant, because of its natural latex content, so it is widely used as furniture material. However, its existence is increasingly rare and difficult to obtain, resulting in a high price in the market.

4. Pine Wood

This pine wood material is widely used and preferred because it is easy to move around because it is quite light in weight. In addition, the price is also more affordable than other types of wood. Its use is suitable for use as bed frames, tables, chairs or rustic-style furniture, because of its hard nature.

The characteristic of pine wood is its bright color, it is included in the category of hard wood, so it is more difficult to shape. Maintenance is also more difficult because it includes wood that is easily scratched and leaves marks, so caution is needed when using it.

5. Merbau wood


Merbau wood is also known as iron wood because of its hard nature, so it is widely used as a building construction material apart from being used as furniture. This woody tree grows a lot in Indonesia, especially outside Java. Its characteristics are attractive, with a rough texture and straight line motifs. The color varies, from brownish yellow, reddish brown to black.

The advantage of merbau wood is its resistance to weather, so it is suitable for use as outdoor furniture. such as the terrace of the house to the yard. In addition, it is resistant to moisture, guaranteed to be termite-resistant even if it is placed outdoors.

6. Sungkai wood

Sungkai wood is a hard type, with bright colors, such as light yellow and even cream. Sungkai trees are widely found in Indonesia, especially in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The price is affordable compared to other types of wood.

The wood is characterized by straight and wavy grain grooves. It is widely used for furniture, household furnishings to roof trusses and bridges, and is suitable for minimalist type house building materials with original, harmonious colors.