Unique Aesthetic and Refreshing House Terrace Design Ideas

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A unique and comfortable house terrace will certainly make residents feel more comfortable living, and can invite admiration for those who see it. The architectural style in making the terrace of the house is taken seriously because it is one of the important elements to make a house that is representative as a decent and quality dwelling.

The terrace is the front part of the house which is an open space and is the limit of the entrance to a building. This area can be a complement to a house, but it can also be part of the overall design concept of the house in question.

The function of the terrace of the house is usually a space to welcome guests who come, even for large areas, it can be a comfortable open living room for guests. The terrace area of the house can also be a relaxing place for the family, as well as a refreshing playground for children.

Therefore, additional decorations or ornaments are often added to complement the pleasant atmosphere on the terrace of the house. There is much that can be done to make the terrace of the house more attractive and make the feel more homey and comfortable to live in.

In the following, several terrace design ideas will be presented that can be a source of inspiration for good and aesthetic arrangements.


Miscellaneous House Terrace Design Inspirations

1. Home Terrace for Hanging Out Areas


On the terrace with this style, it is deliberately designed to be a cool and relaxing place to hang out for those who are there. Placement of furniture for the coffee spot, or you can also place a concrete bench which is usually in a coffee shop, can turn the terrace area into a cozy hangout place. The minimalist concept can be applied to the design of this model, so it looks modern and stylish. Or if you want to display a traditional style touch, you can also add ornaments or decorations that support it.

2. Art Deco terrace

The art deco architectural style is also suitable for display on the terrace of the house. A terrace with a simple model but featuring distinctive curves that are separated from the classic style, can make the appearance of the terrace of the house more nuanced with a more modern work of art and a simpler and weather-resistant appearance with an architectural model that tends to be protected.

3. Industrial Style House Terrace

Shown in a simple, natural and natural geometric style, presenting a space in front of the house that has an open atmosphere with optimal lighting. This concept can combine an outdoor area with an indoor area, with only a partition separated, for example a sliding door, which gives a broad and spacious impression. The area inside the house can absorb sunlight well, so the feel feels fresh and radiant.

4. Tropical Style House Terrace

The style of the terrace of the house with a combination of the placement of ornamental plants and other plants combined into a matching spot area. These plants can be placed in special pots, can also be hung or filled in the corners of the land area on the terrace. With this style, the terrace area feels cool and refreshing, feels beautiful and makes people feel at home on the terrace area of the house.

5. House Terrace with Roster Facade

The use of roster on the facade of the house can make the house have character and can circulate the wind under the desired conditions, where the wind blows from the cracks of the installed rooster, so that the terrace atmosphere becomes more comfortable, cool and feels cool. This style is suitable for homes with a high front view, so that with the presence of a roster, the wind can be adjusted in such a way.