Unique and Multi-Functional Furniture Inspiration for Minimalist Homes

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Having a minimalist home does not mean that you only have ordinary furniture in it. We can be creative so that it looks unique and attractive by using a wide selection of unique furniture that we can fit there. This can make the appearance of a minimalist and tiny house even more impressive, and can amaze the guests who come.

Furniture is a property of the house that is used for various purposes and activities. In choosing what furniture to use for inside or outside the home, careful consideration is needed. This is so that the existing room, especially a minimalist house, doesn’t seem cramped and filled with the wrong choice of furniture. Besides that, aesthetic factors also need to be considered, so that the house looks attractive, unique, functional but still feels relieved to be in it.

One solution is to choose furniture with multifunctional uses. This type of furniture is very effective so that it doesn’t take up too much space so that the space is still spacious even though there is furniture. Even now, there are also many custom furniture that can be ordered with certain designs and uses. Of course, this is an advantage so that it can adjust to the overall minimalist home concept.

In order to be more open-minded about its use and arrangement, in the following, we will inform you about various unique furniture options that can be used as interior design inspiration ideas at home.

Various Unique, Beautiful and Functional Furniture

1. Sofa as well as a dining table


This is an interesting breakthrough and of course very useful for saving room area. The sofa as a comfortable place to sit and relax can easily be used as a dining table by folding the backrest, and opening the set to make the dining table wider, very practical to use.

2. Clock Cabinet

A wardrobe with a classic design with the addition of a large enough clock placement at the top. Two functions combined into one, with a unique look like a return to the classic era. Apart from that, there are additional decorations in the form of hand-like faces on both sides of the clock which can be used to share functions, while at the same time making the view more unique.

3. Photo Frame as well as TV Bracket

The TV bracket is designed in such a way that it is also a photo frame for placing your favorite photos or it can also be a painting to beautify the room. At first glance, it only appears as a photo frame, but when you move it, it turns out that there is a TV in it, and the bracket can be practically opened and folded back.

4. Sofa, Dining Table and Bed

This multifunctional furniture is not half-hearted, it can be used as a comfortable and relaxed seat, but when it’s time to sleep, it can be easily stretched to make it longer and wider so that it becomes a comfortable bed. Not only that, it can also function. as a dining table by setting up with the addition of tiny chairs.

5. Furniture as well as Canvas

This is a unique artistic creation and can invite the admiration of those who see it. At first glance, it’s just a canvas with a painting of a seat, but when approached it can be used for a real seat.

6. Unique Bookshelf

A bookcase that can also function as a room decoration. Shelf placed on the wall in the form of artistic arches, but strong enough to place your favorite books.

7. TV in Cabinet

This is also a design innovation that makes the room feel relieved, if you feel that the presence of a TV is enough to add to the crowded atmosphere, it can be stored in a cabinet, and it is enough to unfold it when you need to watch TV, and fold it back practically when you are finished watching TV.