Various Inspirations and Examples of Natural Stone Patio from Minimalist to Modern

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Natural stone is one of the material choices to decorate the front of the house, it can be used as a house wall, floor or pillar. By using natural stone, the appearance becomes more beautiful, beautiful and creates a natural, natural impression. So because of the many favorable factors, why natural stone is chosen as a material for decorating the patio or veranda of the house.

Natural stone is suitable for various purposes both interior and exterior of the house. Besides that, another advantage is that the price is also cheaper when compared to other materials that are usually used as fillers for decorating the front of the house, such as marble. The touch of natural stone is intended to give a traditional look packaged in a modern style that produces unique and natural works.


Natural Stone House Patio Design Ideas

Here are some inspirations for the design of a natural stone terrace that can be used as a reference for those who want to beautify the front of their house with beautiful and natural stone decorations.

1. Simple Natural Stone House Patio Design

By using simple natural stone formations, the patioe of the house can be designed to create a natural and natural impression, suitable for houses with simple types such as small and minimalist types of houses. Then it can be equipped with supporting exteriors, for example ornamental plants in green nuances, coupled with matching chairs, of course, it immediately gives a feeling of comfort and a cool feel.

2. Modern Natural Stone House Patio Design

Natural stone arrangements can also be designed to create a modern and artistic impression. Choosing the right natural stone to use for the facade and the garden in front of the house really determines how a modern house can appear with a natural touch. In this model, natural stone materials can be used as the front floor of the house, pillars or pillars, or can also be used as a complementary element of the garden by sprinkling naturally in the area. Its use is harmonious and supports the concept of a unique and artistic modern home.

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3. Combination of Natural Stone Patio Designs and Fish Pond

The combination of using natural stone as the main material for the facade of the house by adding a fish pond or pond with a shower always displays the charm of natural beauty which cannot but always be attractive to look at. This is because the meeting of natural stone with water is a true natural concept, coupled with the sound of gurgling water, the nuances of nature feel so thick. This design can be equipped with walkways that are designed with natural stone and then added green ornamental plants around it to further emphasize this natural impression.

4. Combination of Natural Stone and Wood Patio Design

Natural stone is suitable to be combined with various other materials, one of which is combined with materials with wood elements. The combination that matches and both creates a natural impression makes this combination so suitable and harmonious for decorating the facade of the house. Its application can be done by displaying the dominance of wood on one side and the dominance of natural stone on the other, resulting in an attractive and beautiful design, or it can be adjusted according to the aesthetic taste chosen as a whole.

5. Design of a Natural Stone House Patio with a Small Garden

A small garden on the terrace of the house is indeed a design choice that many people like, because a house with a garden will provide a cool atmosphere that really supports its function as a place to live, a place to rest and relax after doing many activities outside. The aesthetic value of this garden can be further beautified by using a touch of natural stone that can be chosen with a variety of natural motifs and colors, such as the combination and combination of using black and white colored natural stones arranged into certain motifs and design patterns that add beauty to small gardens in House Patio.