Various Kinds of Crafts Made of Bamboo

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Various Kinds of Crafts Made of Bamboo. Bamboo craft is a craft made of bamboo wood. The result will certainly be very good and interesting, so that it can make people interested. No wonder this craft is certainly in demand by local and foreign residents.

Especially with a very – very nice and unique shape with a selling price which is also quite high. Therefore, you need to know that there are various kinds of handicrafts made of bamboo and are quite popular today, including the following:

Several Kinds of Bamboo Crafts

1. Decorative Lights
One form of craft made of bamboo wood is decorative lamps. Decorative lights can be used to enhance the appearance of a room. In addition, the price for making decorative lights is also quite economical and also does not require a lot of money.
That way, you also don’t need a lot of materials and tools to be able to make this one craft. It only takes a few simple tools to be able to make this unique craft in a very easy way.

2. Fountain
You can also make a fountain using bamboo wood. How to make it is also very easy and also fast. Of course, everyone will like the shape of the fountain with its uniqueness.
Fountains are indeed one of the crafts that will be very liked by many people. The shape of the fountain can also be created according to the wishes of each owner. Because everyone has their own desires.

3. Wind Chimes
One of the bamboo wood crafts that you can make next is wind chimes. Making these wind chimes can indeed be produced with various shapes and also their own uniqueness. Everyone will love it and be happy with this one craft.
In addition, please note that the sound or sounds of bamboo bells can have a calming effect on those who listen to them. Especially if you listen to it by looking at the green and soothing scenery.

4. Flower Vase
Not many people know that flower vases can be made of bamboo. You can use just one bamboo segment. This object will be able to create a unique flower vase with an attractive and beautiful shape.
So in this case you only need to prepare a few tools and materials. For example, dry bamboo, pilox, scissors, rubbing paper, clear tape and also a cutter or razor. Then start to assemble and shape the vase to your liking.

5. Pencil Case
By using bamboo wood, one can also produce crafts in the form of pencil boxes. The way to make it is also very easy to do. All of them will give you pleasure – its own pleasure when making these crafts. The shape of the pencil case also varies. You can make interesting creations.

When you make a pencil case from this bamboo material, you will be able to get a pencil case with this unique shape. This certainly provides a lot of uniqueness for each person. By making a nice and attractive pencil case, someone will definitely be interested in these shapes.

A few discussions about various kinds of bamboo crafts. Everyone will certainly really like the forms of handicrafts from bamboo wood materials like this. You can even make various kinds of craft creations from these natural materials.