Various Kinds of Fiber Glass Crafts

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Various Kinds of Fiber Glass Crafts. Fiberglass craft is a craft made from fiberglass mixed with resin as a reinforcement and made into various forms of models. Fiberglass crafts are increasingly in demand by the public. Because this craft has many advantages.

Crafts made from fiberglass are not only beautiful, but also unique, strong, and sturdy.

In addition, this craft also has a variety of sizes. Fiber can be used to make small to large crafts though. When making large crafts, you need fiber as a coating material. As for crafts with relatively small sizes, a mixture of fiber mat languages ​​is not needed.

Meanwhile, to make large-sized fiberglass crafts, a fiber mat is needed as a mixture. Because fiber is a material that can increase the strength of fiberglass craft materials many times over.

That is why handicrafts made of fiber are more often used for outdoor purposes because maintenance is relatively easy and does not bother at all.


What are the Kinds of Fiberglass Crafts?

Kinds of Fiberglass Crafts

1. Fiberglass Accessories

Accessories made from fiberglass use more opaque resin, although sometimes they also use clear resin. Examples of handicraft accessories from fiberglass, namely key chains, brooches, ashtrays, and others.
In order to produce accessories with unique shapes, sometimes accessory craftsmen combine fiberglass with shells and form them into interesting shapes.

2. Miniature Fiberglass

Miniature is a form of a craft that resembles the original form or in other words, a miniature is an imitation of a form. Miniatures made of fiberglass can look the same as the original.
Because it is made with great care and attention to all the details of the original form. Examples of fiberglass miniature crafts, namely miniature vehicles, miniature animals, miniature buildings, and others.

3. Fiberglass Crafts as Complementary to House Building

Door and window canopies are examples of handicrafts made of fiberglass that are used as a complement to building houses. You can find examples of the shape of this craft when visiting craft exhibitions.

Craft exhibitions are held with the aim of improving the quality of handicrafts. In the exhibition, the craftsmen are expected to meet with other craftsmen and exchange ideas to improve the quality of the crafts they produce.

Benefits of Fiberglass Crafts

1. Unique fiberglass craft

When viewed from the outside, fiberglass crafts look like they are made of plastic. Even though fiberglass is much stronger than plastic. Compared to plastic, fiber is much more durable and resistant to sunlight and heat. That is why fiberglass is often used as a base material for making outdoor items.

2. Cheap Fiberglass Crafts

The price of resin in the market is not too expensive, that is per kilo it is still in the range of Rp. 60,000.00. With this price, you can already use it to make small or medium-sized crafts. If you want to make crafts with a larger size, it is necessary to adjust the resin requirements to be used again.

3. Fiberglass Crafts Have Various Shapes

Fiberglass can be formed into very diverse shapes. Moreover, there are a lot of molds that can be used with adequate form details and you only have to do the finishing if there are parts that are still considered lacking and require additional touches.