Various Types of Rattan Crafts You Need to Know

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Various Types of Rattan Crafts You Need to Know. You must be very familiar with rattan crafts because almost every craft shop or furniture store must have rattan crafts in it. The variety of rattan crafts is also very diverse, ranging from furniture that includes tables and chairs, children’s toys which are usually in the form of horses, lampshades, mats, bags and wallets, and many others.

Along with the passage of time and the development of the times, rattan handicrafts which were known as local crafts in the past are now also evolving and following the times.

How not, now you can find in modern cafes, sometimes there are chairs made of woven rattan with all kinds of shapes, from rattan sofas in the shape of a box to a round shape with a slightly concave center.


What are the kinds of rattan crafts?

Here will be mentioned rattan craft products that are currently hits and maybe can be your inspiration in choosing the craft products you want to buy, including:

1. Rattan Wicker Furniture

Surely you are familiar with the name of the table and chairs made of rattan. When you first hear the word rattan table or rattan chair, perhaps what comes to your mind is the house of your grandmother, uncle, or other relatives of your parents. Because this rattan furniture gives a traditional impression when we hear it.

However, with the creativity of rattan craftsmen, now we can find minimalist and instagramable rattan chairs because with many variations of the shape it gives a modern and contemporary impression.

Apart from tables and chairs, now you can find variations of rattan furniture in the form of shoe racks, bookshelves, and even beds made of rattan.

Other handicrafts from rattan furniture can also be seen as follows:

Hanging swing chair made of rattan, is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing room decoration decoration as well as having optimal functional value as a relaxing and comfortable place to swing back and forth

2. Bags and Wallets

In addition to furniture, other rattan crafts that are also in great demand by the public are rattan bags and wallets. In fact, not only local people, foreign people are also happy with the work of this archipelago.

These bags and wallets made from rattan wicker attract many people because of the unique and beautiful types of woven, especially the materials used are non-fabric and environmentally friendly.

Because of this uniqueness, rattan bags and wallets are selling well in America and many other countries and more than 30 percent of bags created by the nation’s children are sold out abroad. In addition to selling well, rattan bags and wallets are also often included in international fashion show events, such as Japan Fashion Week, Hong Kong Fashion Week, and even a pret A porter in Paris.

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3. Rattan Lampshade

You can apply this rattan lampshade craft to various rooms in your home. Because with the simple impression of this rattan lampshade, you can combine it with the interior of your room.

You don’t need to worry that the light will be blocked by this lampshade, because the rattan wicker used tends to have a large gap so that light can still penetrate and shine throughout your room.

4. Rattan Mat

It is very comfortable when gathering with family, sitting back and enjoying the breezy breeze on the floor. Of course you need a seat mat to be more comfortable when sitting on the floor.

Rattan mat that can withstand heat or cold can be your favorite choice as a base. So when the weather is hot, sitting on this mat will feel cooler. Meanwhile, when the weather is cold, you will feel warmer when sitting on this mat.

In addition to the rattan craft products above, other handicraft products such as baskets, sandals, coasters and plates, to tissue holders made of rattan can also be your favorite craft products for those of you who are lovers of unique, interesting, and for sure local handicraft products. beautiful.

5. Rattan Basket

Rattan basket is an example of a craft made from rattan. One of the creative products from small and medium industries that are innovative and has great potential to be developed. Various models that keep up with the times make it able to compete as one of the handicrafts made by craftsmen who produce original Indonesian works. See more abot rattan basket

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