Viral Indonesian Kalimantan Giant Orang Utan Caught on Video

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The Kalimantan Giant Orang Utan was discovered recently, with the same height as the house there. The orangutans entered residential areas allegedly because of deforestation that occurred there. However, there are also those who suspect that the sighting of the giant orangutan occurred because of the perspective of the camera that recorded the incident.

In the video, an orangutan can be seen looking for a place to hang, as usual, like orangutans in general. However, he seems to have difficulty doing this because his body is very large, especially since the trees and branches in that place are small, the branches are not strong enough to support the weight of the orangutan, while orangutans usually hang from large trees with large tree trunk.

News about the Kalimantan Giant Orangutan immediately went viral in Indonesia. According to the Head of the East Kalimantan Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), Ari Wibawanto, the orangutan recorded was a male. It is suspected that this happened because the orangutan was looking for food or was looking for food.

It can be seen that when standing, the orangutan can be as tall as the house in front of it. However, from a camera perspective it can be explained, from the angle of the video circulating, the video was taken from a lower position, so the impression is big. Apart from that, the distance between the orangutan’s position and the house can also affect the appearance of the video so that it looks big and giant.

News about these orangutans is still confusing. We have tried to investigate this incident further, but up to now it is still difficult to find, especially because the uploader of the first video to social media has already taken down the video, so its whereabouts are more difficult to determine for further investigation.

The search and tracing efforts even involved personnel from the WRU (Wildlife Rescue Unit), especially focused on the place where the video was allegedly recorded, namely in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Orangutans often get lost and enter residential areas, allegedly because many of the trees are now being cut down by humans and used as land for various purposes. This uncontrolled illegal logging of course really disrupts the balance of forest conditions, and causes orangutans to lose their habitat where they usually live. For this reason, we are starting to hear a lot of news about orangutans and other fauna entering residential areas.

There has been a lot of criticism regarding this matter, but on the other hand, illegal logging still occurs. This is of course a problem in itself for the preservation of forests and their habitats, including orangutans. By keeping everything in balance, it is hoped that the sustainability of the forest can be maintained, along with the ecosystem within it.