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Washi Tape Indonesia supplier with factory prices, deal directly with the manufacturer. Wholesale suppliers in addition to the domestic market are also sent to overseas buyers. Experienced factories guarantee the quality and availability of supply, for all types of washi tapes including custom orders.

Washi Tape is one of the most recognized and used materials in scrapbooking. This is a type of ribbon decorated with images and colors, the quality of which easily falls off the surface without causing damage.

This quality makes washi tape, also known as Japanese duct tape, duct tape or paper tape, it is a very versatile material which, apart from being used in scrapbooks, can be used in many different ways (decoration, binding, binding).

Unlike paper or other adhesive tapes, washi is made with natural products such as plants, bamboo, hemp, rice, wheat, and uses no chemicals in its production. You see that this is an environmentally friendly product.



Now that we’ve put you in the background on Japanese tape or washi tape, we’re going to give you some other ideas so you can see what can be done with it. As many of you already know, washi is rice paper adhesive tape decorated with designs. different and originated in the year 610 in Japan has a wide variety of Washi Tapes which apart from having a beautiful design, has the great advantage of being able to easily be installed and detached from any surface and does not damage them at all.

This makes washi tape or Japanese tape the ideal material for personalizing everything we want: objects, furniture, etc. And when we get tired of these decorations, we can remove them without problems.

So today I want to show you 12 decorating ideas to make with washi tape. A small sample of the possibilities this material offers us.
You will find that with it we can decorate and give a distinctive touch to almost anything we can think of, in a simple, fun and very economical way. Ready for this brainstorm? Now, watch out, it’s starting to rain.

Candle Decoration With Washi Tape
Most of us have candles at home, whether it’s teas, aromatics, etc. Well, if you want to give your home a point of originality, I would advise you to use washi and stick a few strips around your wax. In 5 minutes they will look completely different and they will be beautiful.