What are the Advantages of using Soy Wax in Making Candles?

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What are the advantages of using soy wax in making candles? – Soy wax is a plant-derived material, a renewable and biodegradable source, thus creating a sustainable product. Its burning does not pose a risk to health, nor does it increase the level of environmental toxicity because it does not increase CO2 levels, also does not produce soot.

The Wicks Used Are Made From 100% Natural Cotton Filament.
Soy wax candles are consumed more slowly than those made with paraffin, lasting 2 or 3 times longer than this. In this way, they are much more profitable. Soy wax wax produces greater luminosity, illumination with a bright and strong flame but without danger.

Soy wax and scent the room even before lighting it. Once the wick is turned on, the fragrance blends perfectly with the soy wax, bringing out the aroma in a smooth and stable manner.



The smoke produced from Soy Wax does not affect or damage the furniture or paint on the walls around the wax. Candles are a source of light consisting of a wick covered in solid fuel, where the wax used is also a natural material, namely beeswax. Thus the aromatherapy candles produced in this study are environmentally friendly.

Why Not Use Candles With Paraffin?

  1. Candles with paraffin emit vapors and gases that are harmful to health during burning.
  2. CO2 levels increase.
  3. They give off black soot which is not recommended for inhalation.
  4. The smoke stains the paintings on the walls and the surrounding furniture.
  5. The wicks used in these candles are unnatural and are made with chemical components that bind the harmful fumes they produce.
  6. They use synthetic fragrances to reduce health benefits.
  7. Paraffin wax is not consumed, leaving up to 30% of the wax unused.
  8. Paraffin comes from oil, a limited and non-renewable source.
  9. The scent doesn’t match with paraffin, so the scent eventually fades away with time.