What are the needs of Furniture for Hotels?

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Hotels as one of the preferred places to stay, of course, need to appear primed and have advantages that should be shown, so that people are interested in staying at the hotel. Therefore the comfort factor is the main thing so that visitors can be comfortable while in the hotel area, either in the room or when outside the room. In addition, another important thing to pay attention to is the aesthetic value of the hotel, which is reflected in the decoration of the room both interior and exterior, including hotel furniture that is appropriate and pleasing to the eye. It is hoped that hotel visitors will feel at home and will increase because of the good impression that has been shown.

Because of the importance of choosing the right hotel furniture, it is necessary to be careful in choosing what furniture is right for hotels. For example, the selection of beds, sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes, and so on needs special attention. Here are some solution tips for choosing the right hotel furniture:

1. Choose the right furniture

In choosing the right hotel furniture, make sure that it matches the function needed, is of good quality and functions as it should. Quality in the sense that it is of good quality, durable in use and long lasting, to avoid frequent renovations because it cannot function as it should, made the wrong choice or the furniture is of poor quality.

2. Adjusting to the concept of the room

A good and quality hotel is a hotel with a clear concept that you want to present to hotel visitors, what you want to highlight and what theme you want to display must be conveyed clearly. Therefore the selection of hotel furniture must also be appropriate and in accordance with the overall concept. With the right furniture, it will be very useful to optimize the appearance of the theme you want to highlight as one of the hallmarks of the hotel.

3. Form and Design of Furniture

One of the important things for a hotel to look unique and memorable for visitors is the shape and design of furniture that has its own characteristics, which is one of the attractions for the hotel to look optimal with memorable furniture designs and shapes. Visitors will be impressed and always remember how the atmosphere and feel of being in a hotel has its own impression.

4. Selection of quality materials

Selection of quality materials in the selection of hotel furniture has many advantages that can be obtained. Apart from satisfying visitors with quality furniture, the furniture will certainly be more durable and long lasting, can be used for a longer period of time, thereby minimizing the overall maintenance budget.

5. Choose a trusted manufacturer

Choose a trusted manufacturer who is experienced and has high credibility. This is because hotel furniture is needed in quite large quantities, so as to ensure that everything is obtained from a professional manufacturer and can guarantee satisfaction for all the products it produces.


What are the must-have hotel furniture?

The following is a checklist of hotel furniture that must be prepared properly and have good quality and high aesthetic value:


1. Bed

Beds are hotel furniture that must be available, so you really have to make sure that the quality you choose is of the best quality. Usually there are two types of bedrooms, single beds and double beds. Both are sizes that are usually reserved for hotel rooms.

2. Dressing table and chairs

Compulsory equipment that must also exist in hotels, especially for star hotel classes. Dressing table that looks beautiful and in accordance with the theme of the room will certainly beautify the condition of the hotel room.

3. Wardrobe

The cupboard as a storage area is another mandatory hotel furniture that must be provided. Complete inside is supporting equipment such as clothes hangers and the like.

4. Display rack or sideboard

In order to further complement the property in the hotel room, display shelves, sideboards or sideboards are usually provided which have multiple functions according to the needs of hotel visitors. Even though it doesn’t always have to be there, with the right selection, of course, visitors will feel more comfortable with its extra functions.

5. Sofa

Apart from being provided with a bedroom, usually an additional seat or sofa is also provided as a complement to a place that can be used as a place to sit or relax in another corner of the room.

6. Lazy Chair / Lounge Chair

For reclining chairs or lounge chairs, they are usually found in outdoor areas of the hotel, for example by the pool, or on the veranda or in the hotel lobby. The more facilities that can be used to relax, the more comfortable visitors are at the hotel.

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