What Interesting to Do in Sumba Island of Indonesia

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What Interesting to Do in Sumba Island of Indonesia – Sumba is an island located in East Nusa Tenggara, to be precise, to the southwest of Flores. Sumba is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Even this tourist destination is predicted to beat Bali and Lombok.

Lots of tourists visit Sumba to spend their holidays. There are many beautiful and exotic places there. There are many famous names who also visited Sumba. Starting from Raffi Ahmad to David Beckham. In 2018, Sumba was named as the most beautiful island in a German magazine called Focus.

Visiting Sumba You can use the sea route, namely through Bali. As for the air route, you can use a flight from Jakarta then transit in Denpasar, Bali or also transit in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. So, what are the interesting things that can be done in Sumba? Check out the following reviews!

What are interesting things to do in Sumba?

1. Looking at the Living Habits of the Sumba Community
In Sumba, you can see the traditional rituals of the Sumba people. There are lots of rituals in this tourist destination. One of them is in February and March. In these months, there are performances of Sumba knights riding on a wide field. You will be enchanted by the attractions of these Sumba knights.

2. Visiting the Sumba Traditional House
The traditional house of Sumba is known as Uma Bokulu or Uma Mbatangu. Uma Bokulu means big house while Uma Mbatangu means tower house. The designation is in accordance with the form of the Traditional House itself. The traditional Sumba house is in the form of a large stilt house with a roof that towers like a tower. There are also some houses that do not have towers. The house is used to store food. The local residents of Sumba also believe that Marapu was watching them from the tower of the house. Marapu is a glorified or glorified ancestral spirit.

3. Surfing on Several Beaches
Sumba is also an island that has many beautiful beaches. There can be many activities on these beaches. One of them is surfing on Marosi beach and Karwei beach in West Sumba Regency. The beach atmosphere is still not too crowded which makes your surfing activities feel more comfortable.

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4. Enjoy the Enchanting Beach Panorama
The beaches on Sumba are known to be very beautiful and exotic. There are Walakiri and Purukambera beaches which are located in East Sumba and Konda Maloba beaches which are located in Central Sumba.

On these beaches there is a stretch of white sand that is so beautiful. These beaches are equipped with cliffs that are also beautiful and exotic. There, you can do many fun activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing with your beloved family.

5. Visiting the Waterfall
Sumba also has many waterfalls that are too bad to miss. For example, Lapopu waterfalls in West Sumba, Matayangu and Soru waterfalls in Central Sumba, and Laiputi, Waikanabu and Maidang waterfalls in East Sumba. All the waterfalls there have their own characteristics and beauty. Interestingly, you have to go on an adventure to get to the waterfall because the distance is quite challenging.

So, those are some interesting things you can do in Sumba. Please invite family or friends to visit there. Hopefully your vacation is fun, and I hope this article is useful and useful.

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