What things to Do in Bali, Indonesian Beautiful Island

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What things to Do in Bali, Indonesian Beautiful Island – The island of the gods is indeed very well known as a tourist destination. In fact, this island is more dominated by foreign tourists than domestic tourists. Because of its popularity, Bali’s tourist destinations are quite expensive.

But make no mistake, not all tourist attractions in the Bali area are considered expensive. The following will discuss activities that you can do in Bali on a low budget.

What are some interesting activities that can be done in the city of Bali?

1. Visit Campuhan Ridge
The first thing you can do in the city of Bali is to visit the ridge camp. This campuhan hill for the people of Bali is a place that is so sacred and very sanctified. Visiting this place, you will be presented with a panoramic view of the green and beautiful hills.

In addition, there are also valleys filled with weeds. The scenery is made complete with a river with its clear water. Not a few people visit this place as a backdrop for their pre-wedding photos.
So for those of you who happen to visit Bali, then you can take the time to come to this Campuhan hill to just enjoy the view and capture the moment with such a beautiful scenic backdrop.

2. Soak at Tegalwangi Beach
The next activity you can do in Bali is visiting Tegalwangi beach. This beach also has a beautiful view with white sand. Many photographers come to this place to take pictures. After that, you can continue your activities by soaking in the natural jacuzzi in that place.

3. Watch the Kecak dance ceremony
As we know that the typical dance from the island of Bali is the Kecak dance. When you visit the island of the gods, you shouldn’t miss this activity. To be able to enjoy the Kecak dance you only need to pay IDR 100,000.

These religious rituals as well as cultural arts performances can certainly keep you entertained. Later you will be asked to wear a scarf when entering the ceremony area. This is done as a form of respect.


This dance is very interesting because it is not accompanied by a musical instrument. The number of dancers even reached tens of people. You can usually enjoy this dance at Uluwatu temple just before sunset.


4. Seeing the beautiful sunset at Lempuyang Luhur Temple
The panorama offered before sunset is truly extraordinary. Especially if you enjoy the sunset at Luhur Luhur temple. Later you will see a view of the sunset with the background of Amed beach, Amlapura city and Mount Agung.
Of course, that combination makes the scenery even more beautiful. This temple is located at the top of the Mount Lempuyang. So to get to this place, of course, you need to climb first. But you don’t need to worry because later your tiredness will be paid for by the amazing panorama of the sunset in this place.

5. See turtles
The last activity you can do is visit the turtle farm. Of course, this activity is highly recommended for those of you who have never seen turtles in your life.
This place is a type of educational tour. In this captivity, you will see how to care for turtles, witness hundreds of years old turtles and the hatching process from turtle eggs.

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