What Things to Do in Bromo, Great Mountain in East Java, Indonesia

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What Things to Do in Bromo, Great Mountain in East Java, Indonesia – Of course, all of you are already familiar with the tourist attractions of Mount Bromo. This mountain has a charm that is able to attract tourists, both from within the country and abroad.
This tourist spot has a very large area up to 800 km². Apart from that this place offers such a beautiful view. There are lots of spots that you can visit. The following will discuss what can be done in Bromo.

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What are the things that can be done in Bromo?

1. Horse riding
One of the interesting activities you can do on this mountain is riding a horse. Of course, the sensation you feel will not be the same as riding a horse in other places. Horse riding in this place, you will be invited to tour the Bromo area which is covered by sand.

There is a place for you to rent a horse. The rates given also vary from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 100,000. No need to worry for those of you who have never ridden a horse at all, because later you will be accompanied by a horse handler.

Luckily for those of you who are already proficient, then you can ride the horse freely. There are many types of horses available in Bromo. You can just choose which horse you think is the most beautiful so you can use it to take pictures.

2. Visiting the sublime temple
The next activity you can do is visiting the sublime temple. This temple is considered as a sacred and holy place by local residents. Before heading up the stairs up the Bromo crater you will see a temple and the temple is a sublime temple.

According to stories from the Hindu community, the temple is the residence of Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa who is so sanctified by Hindus. This sublime temple is used as a place to worship the god Brahma and is included in one of the tourist attractions on Mount Bromo.

This temple has three main zones, namely the preparation zone for the ceremony, the prayer zone and the last is the transition zone. However, since this place is so purified, you cannot enter the temple.

3. Tour jeep
You can also explore the Mount Bromo area by renting a Jeep which is widely available in this place. Using a jeep will certainly be more exciting on your way down the sea of ​​sand.

In addition, this vehicle also makes it easier when the roads start to climb. Of course you will get a more exciting experience when using this transportation. You can rent a Jeep that is there with a price range from IDR 500,000 to IDR 700,000.

As for one vehicle, it can accommodate up to 4 to 6 people. So that when you come together with your friends, it will feel cheaper. The atmosphere will start to feel tense when you pass the sandy roads.

4. Visit the whispering sand
The last activity you can do on Mount Bromo is visiting whispering sand. This place is a fairly wide desert. Taking photos using the backdrop of this place is a very good idea for you to do. Therefore, when you visit Mount Bromo, then you should not miss visiting this sea of ​​sand.

That’s what we can explain about interesting things to do in Bromo. May be useful.

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