What Things to Do in Komodo Island of Indonesia

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What Things to Do in Komodo Island of Indonesia – For those of you who really like traveling, of course you will be familiar with the Komodo Island. This place is growing in popularity and many visitors are arriving. Not only domestic tourists, but foreign tourists also visit this island.

Komodo Island is designated as one of the wonders of the world. That is what makes this island even more popular in the eyes of the world. There are many activities that you can do on this island. These exciting activities include:

What activities can be done in Komodo Island?

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1. Observing Komodo dragons
Of course, the main activity that needs to be done on Komodo Island is observing Komodo dragons. For those of you who have never seen Komodo dragons in person, in this place you will see a herd of dragons living freely in the wild.
You can observe what kind of behavior of this one reptile. In doing these activities, of course you need to be accompanied by a ranger. Because as we all know that Komodo dragons are quite dangerous wild animals.

Therefore, with this ranger you can be safer from the Komodo dragon attacks. There are more than 3 thousand Komodo dragons on this island. So don’t be surprised when you come to the island and see lots of Komodo dragons roaming around.

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2. Enjoy the pink beach
The interesting thing that Komodo Island has is that this island has a beach with pink sand. Generally, the beach sand is black and white, so of course the beaches on this island are very different from other beaches.

You can walk to enjoy the sea view around this pink beach. Regarding why the sand in that place can be pink, it is because of the coral reefs.
The coral reefs are eroded by waves and mixed with sand. The coral is pink and mixed with the sand finally creates a beach with a beautiful and unique color.

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3. Island Hopping
You can do this activity by boat. Traveling from one island to another is an activity that is certainly very fun to do. Later you will be invited to go on an adventure visiting small islands on Komodo Island.

Island hopping is generally done in a series of tours. There are many islands that you will visit, such as Pandar Island, Rinca Island, Kalong Island and other islands that offer such a beautiful charm. The pink beach will usually be the last destination for this island hopping activity.

4. Enjoy the sunset
The view of the sunset has always succeeded in making us amazed at its beauty. Especially if you enjoy the sunset view on the island of Lombok. Sunset on this island looks so beautiful.
There are lots of spots that you can visit on Komodo Island and have a very beautiful sunset view. You can choose one of them and enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the island.

5. Hiking
This one activity is perfect for those of you who like to climb mountains. You can do diving on the island of pandar. This island has many arid hills. Is one of the uninhabited islands in the region.
Climbing on this island will certainly give you new experiences. Padar Island also has waters with clear water and a long coastline. You can see the view of the three bays that are so beautiful from the top of the hill of Padar Island. Of course, this beautiful view is perfect for you to make a place to take pictures.