What Things to do in Raja Ampat, West Papua

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What things to Do in Raja Ampat West Papua? – Raja Ampat is a very popular tourist area. The natural beauty offered by this place is indeed beautiful. This tourist spot is in West Papua. For those of you who have not visited this place, it is highly recommended that you visit it.

There are many kinds of exciting activities that you can do there. The following will discuss what you can do in Raja Ampat.

What are the activities that can be done in Raja Ampat?

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1. Visit the island

You need to know that there are more than 1500 small islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago. And this is the largest number in the world. You can visit these islands by boat that you can rent. Visiting these uninhabited islands will certainly provide a new experience for you. You can relax on the beaches on these islands.


2. Enjoy culinary delights

Another interesting activity that can be done in Raja Ampat is eating culinary. The main menu is of course seafood. You will find many types of fish that you can eat in this place. The variety of spices used adds to the delicious taste of Raja Ampat culinary. Of course this is very tempting for those of you who like to try a variety of culinary delights. You can eat these foods while enjoying the view that unfolds in Raja Ampat.

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3. Enjoy the scenery

Next thing you can do is enjoy the views available in Raja Ampat. It is not unusual if Raja Ampat is said to have such amazing views. Because indeed this place allows you to enjoy a panoramic view that you cannot get anywhere else. The view of the small islands which are spread evenly, the view of the sparkling sea, the lagoon that is so exotic and hidden and the tropical trees that are very lush. Of course, you will not be able to resist this view. One of the places you can visit is pianemo and wayag. In these two places you will see such a beautiful view. So it is perfect if you come to this place for photos or just to relax.

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4. Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling is the fourth activity that can be done in Raja Ampat. For those of you who really like snorkeling, don’t miss this one activity. Snorkeling activities allow you to explore the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat. The sea from Raja Ampat is known to be shallow. But even so, you will be presented with an underwater view that really spoils your eyes. You will find beautiful coral reefs and exotic animals such as turtles, various types of fish and other exotic animals that you will find under the Raja Ampat sea.


5. Hiking

You can also do climbing activities while visiting this tourist spot. Raja Ampat has many locations in the form of hills and forests which cannot be counted. This place also offers views of wildlife such as various types of birds and other exotic species. There are also several species that are endemic. So that these species can only be found in this area. For example, the bird of paradise which is indeed an endemic animal of the area.