Jepara Teak Antique Furniture

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Jepara Teak Antique Furniture meets the need for suppliers and manufactures for resellers providing Jepara carved furniture and similar collections, especially made from teak wood raw materials.

Jepara Teak Antique Furniture can be viewed online or offline by viewing the collection in the gallery and at the same time being able to see firsthand the workmanship from start to finish, including from material selection to finishing. In addition to products with designs that have been determined according to existing antique models, they can also be ordered according to their needs and desires or commonly called custom made furniture.

Teak wood is one of the best raw materials for making menel, including for various models of Indonesia Furniture. Moreover, if it is supported by the correct drying process, it will produce a very durable and long-lasting product.

The workmanship of this furniture depends also on the conditions of the order. There are furniture products that are ordered unfinished, but there are also products that are ordered ready to use, or finished, already finished. Apart from local or domestic needs, most of the products are for export consumption. Because it is direct from the first hand, the price offered is certainly very competitive and able to provide satisfactory quality.

Some of the Jepara Teak Antique Furniture products include:


Antique Dining Table

The dining table is made of thick teak wood, showing an exclusive and antique impression. You can feel the classic style like the royal era when you see a collection of antique dining tables.

Teak Wood Antique Chair

The combination of ancient classic Javanese style with the function as a seat makes it an invaluable collection. Elegant classic style makes the interior more luxurious and unique.

Antique Bed

A bed with traditional carvings and a large size, as used by Javanese kings in ancient times. Sturdy and durable as well as being a long-lasting collection, it can still be strong for decades.